NEW YORK — Broadway grosses dropped in Week 48 (April 23-29), bringing in a total net of $15,299,731, a decrease of 7.4%. Total attendance was 285,379.

In its second week “The Producers” had a significant rise in revenue, bringing in $962,686 (an increase of $95,290 from opening week) out of a potential of $999,353. Pop star Aaron Carter returned to “Seussical,” helping that show bring in $524,258 out of a gross potential of $755,427, an increase of $38,533 from last week.

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” opened to $289,202 out of a potential $492,315, a decrease of $135,204 from the previous week due to press and other complimentary tickets. Also opening was “The Gathering,” which rose slightly from the previous week, still only bringing in $93,958 out of a gross potential of $429,063.

The 25 musicals totaled $12,646,439 for 82.6% of the Broadway returns, with paid attendance of 225,196 at 81.6% of musical capacity.

The 12 plays totaled $2,653,292 for 17.3% of the Broadway total, with paid attendance of 60,183 at 67.3% of play capacity.

Average ticket prices were $53.61 for all shows, $55.14 for musicals and $42.72 for plays.