B’way has a ‘Blast’ with B.O. gains

Four titles disappear, overall attendance dips

Broadway got a small boost last week as grosses rose to $14,439,110, a 1.9% increase over the previous week.

There were, however, four fewer titles on the boards, and overall attendance dipped accordingly, falling by 1.25% to 257,727.

Nevertheless, most of the 33 shows saw significant upturns. The biggest jump came at “Blast!,” which climbed $87,895 to $380,529 of a potential $902,406. The show recently announced a major extension and plans to play through the summer and fall to Jan. 6.

Musicals saw five-figure increases more or less across the board. “Jane Eyre,” which announced and then rescinded a May 20 closing, got a boost of $48,516, which brought its take to $243,549. Other major gainers were “The Music Man” (up $76,972), “42nd Street” ($65,823) and “Les Miz” ($65,259).

‘Bells’ toll

There were only a few exceptions to the general upswing. “Bells Are Ringing” was the week’s big loser, as it tumbled by $58,332 to $242,173 and played to 50% of capacity. It was one of only four shows to decline from the prior week.

Two shows played their final weeks: “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe,” which closed a successful run with an uptick of $39,727 to $172,538, and the money-losing “Seussical,” which climbed by $31,347 to take $312,271 for its last perfs.