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B.O. even; ‘Civil War’ 743g

Road Grosses

NEW YORK — The road held almost absolutely steady during Week 43 (March 19-25), as receipts totaled $15,700,753, a decline of a minuscule .2%. The number of shows reporting held even at 25.

“Dame Edna” lost some altitude as it ended a popular Boston run and moved to Detroit, where it took $237,950 of a potential $459,050.

“The Civil War” gained ground as it moved to St. Louis, nabbing $743,815.

Numbers continued to get big boosts from the productions of “The Lion King” and “Mamma Mia!” now playing in both Los Angeles and Toronto.

Estimates for last week:

ROAD GROSSES WEEK 43 (3/19/01-3/25/01)

(M) The Fox Theatre ($45; 36,144; $1,404,941)(3/20/01-3/25/01).
PW, $763,936 in Orlando, FL.
Last wk, $817,109.

Beauty and the Beast
(M-3rd Co.) The Wang Center ($64/$54; 3,640; $1,405,334) (3/12/01-3/25/01).
PW, $991,141.
Last (2nd) wk, $1,015,828.

The Phantom of the Opera (M-3rd Co.) Blumenthal ($67; 2,017; $926,413)(2/28/01-3/25/01).

PW, $893,658.

Last (3rd) wk, $873,103.


Saturday Night Fever (M) Oriental Theatre ($74.50; 2,243; $1,023,598) (3/12/01-3/25/01)

PW, $649,181.

Last (3rd) wk, $774,975.


The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (M) Aronoff Center Procter & Gamble Hall ($71; 2,655; $993,580)( 3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $601,497 in Indianpolis.

Last wk, $648,460.


Fiddler on the Roof (M-B&T-R) Palace ($48.50; 2,666; $855,100)(3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $618,681 in Dallas.

Last wk, $691,730.


Dame Edna (P) Music Hall ($45; 1,706; $459,050)(3/20/01-3/25/01).

PW, $467,241 in Boston.

Last wk, $237,950.


Les Miserables (M-B&T-3rd Co.) The Centre Auditorium ($59; 2,511; $790,954)( 3/20/01-3/25/01).

PW, $438,292 in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Last (1st) wk, $311,117.


The Lion King (M) Pantages ($125 VIP package; 2,703; $1,441,739)(10/1/00-OE).

PW, $1,330,053.

Last (26th) wk, $1,290,027.

Mamma Mia! (M) Shubert ($70; 2,128; $1,062,100)(2/22/00/-5/12/01).

PW, $839,438.

Last wk, $855,408.


Swing (M) Jackie Gleason ($50; 2,593; $817,839) (3/20/01-3/25/01).

PW. $574,106 in Baltimore.

Last wk, $433,104.


Gumboots (M) Hrinze Hall ($49; 2,689; $934,736)(3/20/01-3/25/01).

Last wk, $528,362.


The Scarlet Pimpernel (M) Providence PAC ($48; 3,090; $1,018,360)(3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW $438,094 in Raleigh, N.C.

Last (1st) wk, $478,482.


Riverdance (M) Kings Berry Hall ($65; 1,927; $843,910)(3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $992,272 in Sacramento, Calif.

Last wk, $721,633.


Fosse (M) Majestic Theater ($59; 2,425; $816,862)( 3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $542,378 in Nashville, Tenn.

Last (1st) wk, $719,895.


The Vagina Monologues (P) Theatre on the Square ($50; 729; $218,415)(1/23/01-3/25/01).

PW, $137,708.

Last (7th) wk, $221,785.


Cabaret (M-R) Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center ($64.50; 2,528; $1,052,552)(3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $843,672 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Last wk, $968,614.


The Civil War (M) The Fox Theatre ($58; 4,100; $1,473,056) (3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $422,065 in Minneapolis.

Last wk, $743,815.


Rent (M-2nd Co.) Orway Theater ($65; 1,886; $789,980).

PW, $701,254.

Last (2nd) wk, $696,767.


Fame (M-R) Stranahan Theater ($35.50; 2,337; $368,974) (3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $376,442 in Detroit.

Last wk, $329,418.


A Flea in Her Ear (P) Elgin (C$65; 1,500; C$63,630/$41,417)(2/23/01-4/9/01).

PW, C$306,476/$196,144.

Last (4th) wk, C$303,996 ($194,557).

The Lion King (M) Princess of Wales (C$115/$76; 1,986; C$1,352,382/$895,142)(3/30/00-OE).

PW, C$1,342,531/$859,219.

Last (51st) wk, C$1,329,047 ($850,590).

Mamma Mia (M) Royal Alexandra (C$93/$62; 1,446; C$807,986/$534,806)(5/10/00- 2/25/01).

PW, C$813,693/$520,763.

Last (45th) wk, C$800,370 ($512,236).


Ragtime (M) Oakdale Theater ($68; 2,349; $967,986)(3/18/01-3/25/01).

PW, $755,366 in Buffalo, N.Y.

Last wk, $493,768.


Leader of the Pack (M) Playhouse Theatre ($58; 1,250; $470,000) (3/12/01-3/25/01).

PW, $154,678.

Last (2nd) wk, $292,020.

Reading the Road Grosses

Abbreviations and explanations for tour shows are the same as for Broadway with the following additions: (TR) tryout, (BT)

bus and truck shows, (Lp) local productions. Dates indicate when the engagements begin and end, but (OE) means open-end bookings. (E) means figures were not available and were estimated based on performances in recent weeks. As with Broadway box office reports, the quoted figures for touring and local non-New York productions represent net amount, that is, after deduction of subscription discounts and theater party, credit, computer and other sales commissions.

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