SearchParty finds new name: Outrider

DreamWeaver agrees to second round of financing

SearchParty Films has changed its name to Outrider Pictures while securing a second round of financing from DreamWeaver Film Investors, based in Park City, Utah.

“Changing SearchParty Films’ name to Outrider Pictures is an auspicious moment for us in that an outrider by definition is an explorer who goes way beyond others to seek out what hasn’t yet been discovered,” said Larry Estes, who co-chairs the company with Scott Rosenfelt.

DreamWeaver manager Bard Bond added, “DreamWeaver was so impressed with the management and mission of Outrider Pictures that we decided to take the entire second round of financing ourselves.”

Outrider bicoastal

Outrider Pictures recently opened a sales and business affairs office in Los Angeles, headed by Kjehl Rasmussen, and a theatrical distribution office in Gotham, headed by Richard Abramowitz.

Later this year Outrider Pictures plans to release Ed Radtke’s “The Dream Catcher,” Philip Kan Gotanda’s “Life Tastes Good” and Stacy Cochran’s “Drop Back Ten.”

As producer’s rep, shingle is looking for a worldwide deal on Jonathan Parker’s film “Bartleby,” which recently opened the New Directors/New Films series in New York.

SearchParty’s name has been in use since 1997, when Estes joined ShadowCatcher Entertainment to create the earlier incarnation — a low-budget financing/mentoring program for fledgling filmmakers.

Outrider Pictures is a comprehensive distribution services company dedicated to the exhibition, sales, marketing and promotion of low-budget features.