Scribes to morph ‘T3’ script

'Game' duo teams for mid-six against seven figures

John Brancato and Michael Ferris have signed on to rewrite “Terminator 3” for helmer Jonathan Mostow.

Original script by Tedi Sarafian reportedly pitted the venerable T-800 cyborg against an indestructible female who is rumored to be able to change shapes and disappear altogether.

No word on what Brancato and Ferris will dream up for the pic’s storyline, for which they’ll receive a mid-six against seven-figure payday.

The duo are best known for penning the Michael Douglas / Sean Penn suspenser “The Game” for helmer David Fincher as well as the Sandra Bullock techno-thriller “The Net” for Irwin Winkler.

“T3” doesn’t have a domestic distribution deal sewn up, but the pic has been set up at Intermedia Films by C-2 Pictures partners Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna. It will be produced by Mostow’s producing partner, Hal Lieberman, as well as Kassar and Vajna.

Project is on pace to begin production after the actors contract is settled, with both Schwarzenegger and Edward Furlong reprising their roles.

Brancato and Ferris are repped by Endeavor and managed by Hofflund/Polone.