Overseas auds crowd ‘Cast Away’ at B.O.

'Unbreakable' hoists cume to $98 million

A Gallic comedy banished “Cast Away” to second place in France and “Unbreakable’s” spirited soph session shaded the survivor saga in Spain, but otherwise the Tom Hanks starrer was the standout title last weekend, netting a tad less than $20 million from 2,600 engagements in 16 territories.

Also to the fore in another busy frame, “Unbreakable” broke local records in Brazil, “Vertical Limit” saw sure-footed bows in a bunch of markets, and “102 Dalmatians” drew plenty of tots in Italy and Poland.

In just its second weekend of international release, “Cast Away’s” cume rocketed to $38.4 million, propelled by Australia’s $2.4 million in four days on 235, France’s $2 million in five days on 442, Spain’s $1.6 million in three days on 194 and Belgium’s $631,000 in five days on 60. Similarly lusty were the launches in Holland ($305,000 in four days on 69), Denmark ($255,000 in three days on 42), Israel, Poland and Slovenia.

The Robert Zemeckis-helmed drama dipped by just 15% in the U.K., racking up a terrif $9.3 million in 10 days, and by 17% in Germany, scoring $11.1 million in 11 days. In Italy, the 10-day tally is an impressive $5.8 million.

In France, writer-director Francis Veber’s “Le Placard” (The Closet), caper about a straight guy who’s about to be fired until his colleagues get the idea that he’s gay, ranked as a clear No. 1. The follow-up to the helmer’s hit “The Dinner Game,” toplining Daniel Auteuil and Gerard Depardieu, sold nearly 240,000 tickets on 53 screens in the greater Paris area, more than double “Cast Away” (nationwide gross wasn’t available).

‘Unbreakable’ unstoppable

M. Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable” dug up $9.5 million, hoisting the cume to $98 million, so in a couple of days it will stand as the first hit to cross $100 million this year. The thriller scared up $1.7 million on 280 in Brazil, the biggest summer opening of all time in the territory (overtaking “Titanic”) and a record for BVI, topping “The Sixth Sense.” “Unbreakable” slid by 42% in Spain but held pole position, earning $1.7 million on 253, bringing the 10-day tally to $5.5 million.

Roger Donaldson’s “Vertical Limit” collected $2.3 million on 419 in the U.K. (plus $500,000 from sneaks), $428,000 on 32 in Hong Kong (including previews), $378,000 on 36 in Singapore, $366,000 on 16 in Taiwan, $289,000 on 57 in Colombia, $251,000 on 40 in Venezuela and $170,000 on 41 in Thailand. Pic was No. 1 in Taiwan but the Jackie Chan vehicle “The Accidental Spy” reigned in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. The weekend haul of $9.2 million on 2,076 screens pushed “Limit” to $54 million.

“Meet the Parents” kept exhibs happy, minting $6.9 million in holdover biz from 2,523 screens in 23 territories, sending its cume to $81.9 million.

Harold Ramis’ “Bedazzled” wooed a lively $2.2 million on 518 in Germany and $1.2 million on 250 in Spain, elevating the cume to $29.5 million. The devilish tale has garnered a hot $6.8 million in Mexico and a decent $4.7 million in the U.K., but bombed in Japan.

“102 Dalmatians” (cume: $41 million) scurried into Italy with $1.7 million on 350, ahead of last year’s bows by “Stuart Little” and “The Grinch,” but about 10% below its predecessor, and fetched $200,000 on 65 in Poland (level with “101”).

‘Dancer’ steps up

After six straight weekends atop the B.O. in Japan, “Dinosaur” was knocked off its pedestal by “Dancer in the Dark,” which is showing great legs in its fifth frame. “Dinosaur” has coined $39 million in Japan and landed in Turkey with $195,000 on 79, swinging past “Tarzan” to post an all-time toon record there. Its cume towers at $210.1 million, dwarfing domestic’s $138 million.

Amid a soft weekend affected by a heat wave in Argentina, “The Emperor’s New Groove” unspooled with a fair $296,000 on 87, about 9% below “Mulan.”