Oculus, Palomar camp in ‘Red Tent’

Helmer directed Creed musicvideo 'Higher'

Oculus Pictures and Joni Sighvatsson’s Palomar Pictures have acquired the rights to Anita Diamant’s bestselling novel “The Red Tent,” with Oculus principal Ramaa Mosley on board to direct.

The companies paid mid-to-high six figures. Palomar head of development Ragna Nervik will shepherd the project for the company.

“The Red Tent” is a tragedy-romance that focuses on one woman’s relationships with her father’s four wives, her ill-fated love for a prince and her inspiring though violent life.

Mosley’s direction of the musicvideo “Higher” for band Creed earned noms for both MTV’s best rock video and VH1’s video of the year. She has also directed award-winning campaigns for companies such as Adidas, PowerAde, Toshiba and Maytag.

Mosley and her Oculus partner, C. Devin Whatley, brought “The Red Tent” to Sighvatsson.

Sighvatsson is currently in production, with partners National Geographic and Intermedia, on the Harrison Ford/ Liam Neeson starrer “K-19,” which Kathryn Bigelow is directing.

Sighvatsson and Skot Bright, Palomar’s head of production, negotiated on behalf of Oculus and Palomar. Diamont is repped by agent Carolyn Jenks.