OSLO — A record P&A budget of $400,000 will be spent to promote the final release from Norway’s Norsk Film — Thomas Robsahm Tognazzi’s “The Greatest Thing.” The pic also has been selected to open the 29th Norwegian Intl. Film Festival Aug. 27 in Haugesund.

Local distributor Egmont Columbia TriStar’s managing director Bjorn Oenvoll will release the film on 50 prints and will collaborate with Oslo Municipal Cinemas on an Aug. 30 premiere in the Norwegian capital, to be attended by the royal family.

The pic is the swan song of the state-owned Norsk Film, which no longer receives public funding for production.

Sticky situation

“The Greatest Thing” follows a provincial Norwegian girl who has to leave town suddenly because she has simultaneously promised to marry three men.

Based on Norwegian author Bjornstjerne Bjornson’s classic “The Fishing Girl” and produced by former managing director of Norsk Film Tom Remlov, it stars Herborg Krakevik in her first leading role on the screen.

Remlov packaged the production with Tognazzi’s Speranza Film, Norway’s Audiovisual Production Fund, distrib Egmont Columbia TriStar, pubcaster NRK Drama and Denmark’s Nordisk Film. Norway’s Gyldendal will reissue the novel for the occasion.