New Domain for vet Levin

Exec wants to 'move beyond just creative services'

Robert Levin, a former head of worldwide marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures, has become prexy of entertainment marketing company Creative Domain Enterprises.

Levin said his initial focus will be on building and expanding the company’s theatrical marketing activities.

“But the evolution I hope to bring is to move beyond just creative services,” said Levin. “Someday soon, for instance, if you are an independent feature company, you can come to us for media resources, PR, merchandising and product placement — not just for the one-sheet or a trailer.”

Company already provides audio-visual, print and interactive services for film marketing campaigns.

Creative Domain’s planned menu expansion stems from Levin’s great admiration for Dell Computer’s Michael Dell.

“Like Dell said, brilliantly, ‘How do you want your computer? I’ll build it for you,’ ” said Levin. He said the company will eventually offer an a la carte menu ranging from the orchestration of an entire worldwide theatrical marketing campaign to lighter fare like providing just a trailer or an international print campaign.

In addition to theatrical motion picture marketing, Levin will oversee the development of new business by targeting entertainment-related or lifestyle-oriented businesses such as sports, fashion, music, the Internet, theme parks and resorts.

“Entertainment marketing works differently from regular marketing,” said Levin. “For starters, it deals comprehensively with advertising, publicity, promotion. There’s an understanding of time, of building to a boil that will work for other businesses.”

While at Walt Disney Studios, Levin was credited with developing innovative campaigns for such films as “The Lion King,” “Pretty Woman,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin.” In addition, he was a leader in third-party promotions, initiating the relationship between McDonald’s and Disney and overseeing the marketing for the Mouse’s entry onto Broadway with the production of “Beauty and the Beast.”

At Sony Pictures Entertainment, Levin oversaw all worldwide marketing, working on films like “Men in Black,” “Air Force One,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Big Daddy,” “Jerry Maguire,” “Stuart Little,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “Godzilla” and “As Good as It Gets.”