‘Mummy’ wraps B.O.

Sequel takes top spot on bows in 21 territories

“The Mummy Returns” has enjoyed another record-setting weekend.

The UIP/Universal pic bowed in 21 territories and topped the charts in each to deliver a boffo $28.3 million weekend international cume.

In Blighty, Stephen Sommers’ pic reaped $7.6 mil from 452 screens to become the eighth-biggest opener ever. The socko $16,882 screen average far surpassed the pic’s grand debut the previous weekend in Australia (where screen average was $7,700).

In Spain, it was the third-biggest all-time bow, reaping $3.16 million from 300 screens. Ditto Israel, where it took $290,000 from 30 and Russia’s $545,000 from 35 screens makes it likely the biggest opener there ever.

In Germany “The Mummy Returns” bowed into a soft market to deliver $5.9 mil from a whopping 858 screens and become the biggest May opener.

Teutonic screen average of $6,904 suffered from wide berth, but weekend cume outstripped the competition. Lap three for “The Wedding Planner” saw its cume reach $3.5 million and “Exit Wounds” in its third round reaped $2 million.

In Italy and Oz “The Mummy” returned atop the totem in its soph sesh, but endured drop-offs of 35% and 41%, respectively.

In Oz “Mummy” fended off an attack from New Line’s pyrotechnic romp “15 Minutes,” which opened to deliver $433,000 from 137 screens. Opening screen average of $3,000 was 62% lower than “Mummy’s” previous week.

Koreans prefer local

In South Korea, local offering “A Friend” continued to dominate. It held top spot for the eighth week and ensured no look-in for openers “The Exorcist” re-release, “Enemy at the Gates” and “The Wedding Planner.” “Exorcist” was the most exciting debut of that trio, from 20 screens in Seoul it witnessed about 40,000 admissions in two days, 25% higher than “Friend.”

In Japan, where the “Hannibal” enjoyed its seventh lap on top (nine-city cume $11.5 million), “15 Minutes'” opening failed to dislodge that or “The Mexican” from top two spots. The pic earned $560,925 from 127 screens.