MarketCast research has eye on pic ratings

'Mexican,' 'Angel,' other R-rated pix take hit from loss of teen aud

HOLLYWOOD — Industry research group MarketCast has released research findings — inspired by last year’s watchful eye on the movie ratings system — stating that the R-rating of films is highly effective in preventing unsupervised moviegoers under 18 years of age from attending movies with restricted ratings.

While the eight-month study found only a 12 percent loss of revenue for the average R-rated film, pics with a strong teen appeal lost nearly 40 percent of their potential opening weekend audience because teens were prevented from buying tickets.

Pics which particularly saw a loss were such female driven features as “The Mexican” and the Jennifer Lopez starrer “Angel Eyes.” Films which are geared to a male aud tend to lose around one quarter of their revenue, according to MarketCast.

Study suggested that the aforementioned numbers may be due to the fact that teen girls are more likely to honor rules and be deterred from the R rating, while boys may try to lie about their age or find others to buy their tickets.

Thrillers have also taken a hit from the R rating, considering a slasher pic’s target aud is under 25. One example which the study notes is “Blair Witch II: The Book of Shadows,” which reportedly lost 6 million dollars of revenue.

MarketCast is a division of Cahners Business Information.