Lion future looks ‘Grimm’

Scribe stands to make seven figures if pic is greenlit

With an eye toward creating a summer tentpole pic, MGM is in final negotiations to purchase “The Brothers Grimm,” penned by Ehren Kruger (“Scream 3”).

Other suitors have been tracing the script for the past week. Project will be produced by Daniel Bobker, currently producing “Blood and Chocolate” at MGM. Studio is already in talks with Summit Entertainment to co-finance.

Scribe stands to make into the seven figures if the movie gets greenlit. MGM exec Stephanie Palmer brought the script to production prexy Alex Gartner and studio prexy Michael Nathanson.

“Grimm” is a revisionist adventure story that follows brothers Jacob and Willem Grimm, renowned collectors of folklore, who are forced to investigate a haunted forest where girls have been disappearing. Much of the drama is spun from classical mythology and fables.

Kruger, repped by Paradigm, penned such films as “Reindeer Games,” “Arlington Road” (winner of the Nichols Fellowship) and upcoming Dimension pic “Spy Kids.” Bobker is also producing the revisionist Robin Hood tale “In a Dark Wood,” set up at Beacon.