Gauguin bio passes strike test

Biopic fulfills SAG's foreign prod'n guidelines

SYDNEY — The latest project for Keifer Sutherland and Nastassaja Kinski — the Paul Gauguin biopic “Paradise Found” — is scheduled to lense through the July Screen Actors Guild strike period. Without a waiver.

Australian co-producer and helmer Mario Andreacchio is confident the historical biopic fullfills SAG’s guidelines for foreign productions.

British born Sutherland, cast as the French post impressionist painter, and German born Kinski, are both foreign nationals and therefore eligible to work on foreign productions.

The co-production between Germany’s Apollo Media, Canal Plus’ production division Le Sabre and Andreacchio’s Adelaide Motion Picture Co. has no U.S. coin or presales.

Shoot starts May 24 in Queensland’s tropical Port Douglas, then moves to Prague, doubling, respectively, for Tahiti, where Gauguin painted many of his most recognized works, and Paris.

All extras and support roles, including thesps Nicholas Hope (“Bad Boy Bubby”) and Chris Haywood (“Shine), are being cast in Australia and Europe.

Georges Campana and Frank Hubner are co-producers. Screenplaywas penned by John Goldsmith.