Devlin goes solo, plugs in Electric

Helmer perferred to focus on own projects

NEW YORK — After a long partnership at Centropolis with Roland Emmerich, Dean Devlin has formed his own company, Electric Entertainment, with the intention of making franchise films as well as interactive, music and TV projects.

Move came after Centropolis’ overall Sony deal wasn’t renewed and Emmerich decided he no longer wanted to run a large production company, preferring to concentrate on his directing projects.

Devlin has named former Centropolis chief operating officer Philippe Maigret to take the same post at Electric. The venture will absorb much of Centropolis’ film development slate and staff, while Emmerich will keep the Centropolis moniker for his own films.

Emmerich will continue to work with Devlin on future projects, including the ones the two have been developing, and Devlin will look to make his directorial debut.