Castle Rock will protect ‘Defend’

Adaptation of Patterson novel involves Supreme Court noms

Castle Rock Entertainment has acquired the rights to Richard North Patterson’s novel “Protect and Defend.”

Published in hardcover in December, writer’s 11th novel focuses on the presidential politics involving the controversial nomination of the first woman to be chief justice of the Supreme Court, and her entanglement in an incendiary lawsuit regarding abortion and parental consent.

Ballantine Books will publish the book in paperback in the fall.

“This book is a thought-provoking dramatization of the essentially political nature of our judicial system,” said Castle Rock topper Rob Reiner. “It is especially timely with the ideological divide of the current Supreme Court and the certain battles that will embroil our nation when the next justice retires, and America must undergo yet another confirmation process. Like in this book, the beliefs of that nominee will determine the political bent of the Supreme Court for a generation.”

Patterson said: “Rob Reiner is one of the smartest, most creative and socially aware filmmakers in the industry today. I can’t think of a better fit for ‘Protect and Defend.’ I am delighted that Rob and Castle Rock want to translate its story and themes to film.”

Booking engagement

Patterson, repped in the Castle Rock pact by CAA and the Frederick Hill Bonnie Nadell Literary Agency, recently expanded and extended his long-term relationship with Ballantine, which will publish his next two novels in hardcover, as well as paperback, in the U.S. and Canada.

Since 1994, each of Patterson’s books have debuted on the New York Times hardcover and paperback fiction bestseller lists within days of publication. His best-known works include “No Safe Place,” “Degree of Guilt” and “Dark Lady.”