Bickford sees ‘Bounty’ of POVs in adaptation

Pic based on Sarracini novel about Mafia man abducted by rivals

Universal Pictures-based producer Laura Bickford (“Traffic”) has turned her attention to “Bounty,” a pic based on the soon-to-be published graphic novel of the same name by Chris Sarracini.

“Bounty” follows the exploits of a No. 2 Mafioso in Boston who is abducted by a rival crime family just prior to turning government witness on the largest public works feather-bedding and fraud case in the nation’s history.

Switching views

The manhunt suspenser is told from three different points of view, similar to “Go” and “Pulp Fiction,” in which the main characters bump into one another — knowingly and unknowingly — onscreen. In “Bounty,” the government witness is alternately sought by his own mob family’s hitman, an FBI agent and a sniper hired by a corrupt senator.

Doug Jung, the Endeavor-repped scribe who most recently penned spec script “Confidence,” set up at Lions Gate, is adapting the graphic novel.

“The structure makes it quite fun,” said Bickford, “because you’re seeing a similar story told from three different characters, and learning something new each time. At the end they all converge.”

Project was brought in by Bickford’s senior veepee Sonja Grunden, who will co-produce. David Alpert, the West Coast-based partner in management and production concern Circle of Confusion, will exec produce the adaptation of the comicbook, a five-part novel due out next fall from Circle of Confusion Publishing.

The Genesis Literary Agency repped Bickford, Sarracini and Alpert in the package.