Acad nod to student winners

Pla nabs top honorary o'seas prize

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has selected 12 students, from 10 universities, as winners in this year’s 28th annual Student Academy Awards competish.

Winners were chosen in four categories: narrative, animation, alternative and docu.

In addition, Rodrigo Pla from Mexico City’s Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica, has nabbed top prize in the Acad’s Honorary Foreign Film category.

Students, who stem from such schools as Cal Arts, USC, Stanford, UCLA and Columbia, among others, will next participate in a week of industry-related activities which culminates June 10 with the awards presentation at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

While the students know they will each receive an award, the level of that award — gold, silver or bronze — will not be revealed until the kudocast. Besides trophies, gold medalists will receive $5,000, silver medalists will nab $3,000 and bronze medal recipients will walk away with $2,000.

The American students first competed in one of three regional competitions. Each region was permitted to send as many as three films, in each of the four categories, to the finals. Academy members then screened the films and voted on the winners.

The foreign lingo winner was selected from an original pool of 27 submissions from 23 countries. This is the second time that a Mexican student film has grabbed this particular nod.

For more information and names of the winners, visit www.oscars.org.