“Finder’s Fee,” the directorial debut of “Survivor” host Jeff Probst, will close the third annual Method Fest on June 21 in Pasadena.

James Earl Jones, the pic’s co-star, will be honored with the fest’s lifetime achievement award at a June 22 gala at Pacific Asia Museum. “Finder’s Fee” will also close the Seattle Intl. Film Festival on June 16.

During the weeklong Method Fest, which is dedicated to discovering breakout acting performances in independent film, 26 features and 39 short films will be screened. Pics were chosen from 337 entries submitted, based on the strength of the acting performances as well as screenplays and direction that emphasize the importance of the performance.

The world premiere of “Bully,” directed by Larry Clark (“Kids”), will open the fest June 15. Pic is based on the true story of a teen bully whose friends and foes join forces to teach him a lesson he’ll take with him to his grave. It stars Nick Stahl, Bijou Phillips, Brad Renfro and Leo Fitzpatrick.

“Finder’s Fee,” a psychological thriller about a struggling street artist (Erik Palladino) who finds a wallet and discovers it contains a winning lottery ticket worth $6 million, will screen June 21 at 8:30 p.m. at Laemmle Playhouse Cinemas in Pasadena. Written and directed by Probst, the film was produced by Katy Wallin of MysticArt Pictures and Brad Van Arragon and Shawn Williamson of Shavick Entertainment. It will be preceded by a screening of the Spanish film “Sobrevivire” (I Will Survive), which won the Spanish equivalent of an Academy Award.

For information on the festival, call (310) 535-9230 or check its Web site at www.methodfest.com.