With Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Marlon Brando in one film, it’s a wonder anyone cares about the storyline. And, truth be told, the biggest buzz to date on “The Score” came from the rumor that Marlon Brando spent most of his time on set without his pants, in an effort to control what made it onto the screen. But we’ll give you a plot summary anyway: Violating his vow to always work alone, a career thief (De Niro) is convinced by his longtime friend and fence (Brando) to join forces with a young accomplice, played by Edward Norton, in order to engineer one last heist. The payoff? He can retire from crime with his fiancee (Angela Bassett). The truth? Things aren’t always as they seem. “The Score” was directed by Frank Oz (“Bowfinger”), who may become known as the man who always shoots from the hip … up.