‘Sin’s’ Cristofer eyes toned-down fare

GOOD MORNING: From sex to — sexless. “Original Sin” director-screenwriter Michael Cristofer and costar Antonio Banderas hope to reteam in Paul Gallico’s classic tale “The Snow Goose.” Banderas has a young following from “Spy Kids,” which is being primed for a “Spy Kids II.” Cristofer, who also directed Angelina Jolie in “Gia,” also reined the R-rated New Line “Body Shots” and says he’s ready to do a PG pic sans sex. “Yes, even a ‘G’. Not that I won’t write and direct them in the future,” he allows. “But ‘The Snow Goose’ is such a perfect story. I’ve been to England to look for locations.” Meanwhile, “the Snow Goose” has had several planned starts — including an animated version … He’s also interested in other wonderfully written Gallico yarns — another set in the circus. He would love to work with Banderas and Jolie together again, noting they were “wonderful to work with” on “Sin.” As for another project with Jolie, there’s a pirate yarn, “Anne Bonnie” at Sony, on which she and Cristofer would like to reteam. But first, of course, she wants to work with — you know who — hubby Billy Bob Thornton … Cristofer has also written a “Casanova” script for Disney. Who would be a capable Casanova? “George Clooney” … Hollywood sages used to advise about filming on locations: “A tree is a tree. Shoot it in Griffith Park.” Today’s advice could be: “A blue screen is a blue screen — shoot it on any stage.” How about Bulgaria? The “Hypersonic” troupe is back from Sofia filming. Michael Sutton, who costars with Adam Baldwin and Antonio Sabato Jr., says they filmed their international air race sequences in F14 jets’ cockpit mockups on the Bulgarian sound stage. The planes will do their globe-circling via CGI f/x for UFO films here in Cal.

WHILE THE STEVEN SPIELBERGS and other Hollywood titans have been summering aboard yachts, Barbra Streisand and hubby Jim Brolin went aboard the public ferry — to Catalina to vacation this week. They were joined by friends Maxine and Gary Smith — he produced several of her specials … Talking yachts, Merv Griffin’s back from his ship’s Mediterranean cruise, stopping at a dozen ports, visiting a dozen friends, bringing back dozens of stories, some funny, like the fact the Irish wouldn’t let his dog off the plane in Ireland — only to pee. Other stories are touching like Mariska Hargitay telling Merv she didn’t remember her mother, Jayne Mansfield, who was killed when Mariska was only three. So Griffin retrieved a guestint (one of many) Mansfield made on his show — with then 2-year-old Mariska — and Arthur Treacher. While it is hysterically funny, Mariska broke into tears when she watched — her mom … The Norman Lear-owned Declaration of Independence, following its July 4 special airing, has been touring the U.S. and will arrive Sept. 14 at the Ronald Reagan Library in Calif. as a central attraction in an exhibit of other historical documents. Now being organized are bus tours for kids to visit the Library and the Americana … Clint Holmes, the star of Harrah’s Las Vegas — he has a four-year pact — is now awaiting an emotional moment in his family’s life. Fifty-seven years ago, Holmes’ (white) mother Audrey, a onetime English opera singer, ran off to marry (black) jazz singer Eddie Holmes. She had to leave her 3-year-old daughter by her then-husband in order to leave England and marry Eddie Holmes. Audrey never saw the daughter again. On Aug. 7, Audrey Holmes, now 85, wings to England to meet her daughter for the first time since leaving her. She’s accompanied by Clint Holmes’ wife Brenda who will tape the reunion. Part of the Holmes story is chronical’d in a musical, “Comfortable Shoes,” which Chris and Nelson Kole penned and will stage next year — they hope en route to B’way. Of course, the show’s final act may be in the making with the outcome of the mother-daughter reunion next week in England.

THE OSCAR-NOMINATED DOCU, “Sound and Fury,” about the family torn apart by hearing impairment, will be feature filmed for Showtime by Marlee Matlin, Camryn Manheim, Diane Nabatoff and Jack Jason. Marlee has two children who are not hearing impaired — but sign-trained at a very young age. Matlin, who recurs on “The West Wing” and who appears as Marlee the Librarian on Nickelodeon’s “Blues Clues Live!,” will host a party and performance of “Blues Clues Live!” Saturday at the Pasadena Civic to benefit Children Affected by AIDS Foundation … And Debbie Allen hosts a fundraiser for the YoSan University’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream — A Little Bit Of Tuscany.” The Mt. Washington (L.A.) fundraiser is for low-income families’ children healthcare programs … Frank Klein, president of Paris’ Hotel Ritz, in a rare Coast visit is staying at the Peninsula Hotel in BevHills … Jimmie Huega, 10-year member of the U.S. Ski Team and Olympic bronze medalist (1964), is the recipient of the 2001 Dinner of Champions’ “Spirit Award” Sept. 11 at the Century Plaza Hotel … Elmer Bernstein makes a rare L.A. conducting appearance Saturday at the Wadsworth Theater batoning the Henry Mancini Institute’s free concert series. Also on the bill, saxman John Dankworth and trombonist Bobby Brookmeyer … The Typhoon restaurant at the Santa Monica Airport celebrates its 10th anni Saturday with its traditional Asian night — complete with Thai kick boxers, Thai drum Pparade, Chinese unicyclists, etc … “Without a Trace,” the story of missing screenwriter Gary Devore, is being written in book form by Don Crutchfield, Michael Sands and Tom Fitzpatrick. The Devore story is also being readied for segs of “Inside Edition” and E! Entertainment’s “Mysteries and Scandals.”