H’w’d fights cancer

GOOD MORNING: The sad news divulged Wednesday that Ryan O’Neal has leukemia is encouraged by good news in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer. “Because of Hollywood, we have a new treatment,” Lilly Tartikoff told me. Through the research funded by the Revlon UCLA (and Hollywood!) team, Lilly says herceptin was created by Dr. Dennis Slamon as the first nontoxic treatment for breast cancer. “It was a collaboration among Hollywood, science and Ron Perelman,” Lilly reminds. It took the efforts of the entire world for the first nontoxic new prescription. It has been tested globally — it is that big an effort. Lilly also enumerated upcoming events she will be heading. Starting Saturday, the Revlon Run/Walk for Women begins in Times Square (42nd Street closed for the start) and winding up in Central Park, where Kristin Davis hosts a program including Queen Latifah, Halle Berry and Karen Duffy. Lilly returns to L.A. for the May 12 Run/Walk winding up in the L.A. Coliseum, with Dylan McDermott as host, Megan Mullally singing “Amazing Grace,” Karen Duffy and Melanie Griffith as Revlon spokespersons. Perelman co-chairs with Tartikoff the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program. Lilly then wings to Monaco for the QVC “Cure By The Shore” live show under the patronage of Prince Albert. It airs May 19 (4 p.m. ET) benefiting the National Women’s Cancer Research, with an expected sale of over a million $ in sunglasses and other items; Sela Ward again hosts. With the QVC in Monaco “next door to Cannes,” Lilly says, “it will be like a home away from home for us.” Lilly’s teamed with Lisa Paulsen and the Entertainment Industries Foundation in all these efforts.

MIRAMAX DID NOT KNOW about Ryan O’Neal’s leukemia as of Wednesday, when his condition was revealed. In the company’s recently acquired “People I Know,” he plays a movie star to Al Pacino’s press agent. Press agent Bobby Zarem who often visited the set, was on hand the final day of lensing on Fifth Avenue and says O’Neal was in fine spirits — joking about what sleazy act he’d ask his movie press agent (Pacino) to do for him. It got a big laff from a knowing Zarem … More about active ladies: on May 9, Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Preston head to Washington to appear in the Senate’s Russell Caucus Room on behalf of the National Environmental Child-Proofing campaign headed by Nancy and Jim Huda of the Children’s Health Environmental Campaign. Olivia and Kelly star in their video “Not Under My Roof.” Olivia and daughter Chloe (15) just returned from Australia in time to attend tonight’s preem of “Sordid Lives” at Laemmle, Santa Monica. She costars with Beau Bridges, Ann Walker, Bonnie Bedelia, Delta Burke, Leslie Jordan and Beth Grant. Del Shores wrote and directed (and won L.A. Weekly Drama Critics and GLAAD awards). He also directed Olivia and daughter Chloe in Showtime’s “The Wilde Girl.” Olivia, who sings in “Sordid Lives,” says he’s readying a box set of “Greatest Hits,” as well as a new album and is helping launch Chloe’s career. “She is very gifted,” says the proud mom … The American Ballet Theatre’s opening night gala at the Met was co-hosted by Blaine (Mrs. Robert) Trump and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and the season’s advance is the biggest in years . New general manager Lou Spisto came to the ABT from the Detroit Symphony. Kennedys on hand included Jean Kennedy Smith, Pat Kennedy Lawford and Lee Radziwill. Joan Collins was on hand with new boy friend Percy Gibson.

HOLLYWOOD AND POLITIX: Sherry Lansing and Jonathan Dolgen host a $1,000-a-guest cocktail fundraiser for L.A. mayoral runoff candidate Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa … The Republican Pro-Choice Coalition honors Dina Merrill May 20 at the St. Regis hotel in N.Y. Attending will be Barbara Sinatra, Alan King, Sen. Olympia Snowe, Geoffrey Holder, Carmen De Lavallade, Donald Saddler and Rev. Calvin O. Pressley, plus performances by Davis Gaines, Christine Andreas and Kitty Carlisle Hart. George Pataki and Rudolph W. Giuliani are honorary chairs. Terry Hodge Taylor produces … “Queer As Folk’s” Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, who were given the drama series award from GLAAD, are featured speakers along with Rep. Richard Gephardt at the 14th annual Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Atlanta. The series’ season finale airs June 24 (10 p.m., Showtime) … When President Bush’s ‘copter landed at the Mueller Airport in Austin, the “Master of the Game” company had to rearrange their shooting sked in an adjacent hanger — converted into a movie stage where the 1944 WWII concentration camp escape yarn is being filmed … Congrats to “The Fantasticks,” celebrating its 41st birthday off-B’way today … Hugh O’Brian celebrates his 76th birthday May 20 with a celeb-studded bash at his home to benefit HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth programs). To date more than 285,000 students have benefited from his leadership programs … Zev Braun optioned former Daily Variety staffer Joe X. Price’s book, “Redd Foxx, B.S. (Before Sanford)” … Publicist Peter J. Levinson, whose paperback edition of “Trumpet Blues” is on the stands, pacted with HarperCollins (DaCapo Press, Perseus Books) to write the bio of Tommy Dorsey. Levinson’s bio of Nelson Riddle, “September in the Rain” (Billboard Books) hits the stalls in September … With the Samuel Goldwyn theater at the Acad opened after a facelift, Bob Rehme noted to me, “I hope the new movies will match the quality of the new theater.” His last meeting as Acad president will be June 12.