Senator Intl. dives into ‘The Pool’

Pic reps von Sychowski's feature helming debut

CANNES — Senator Intl., the newly formed international sales and distribution company headed by president Joe Drake, has acquired worldwide rights excluding German-speaking territories to Boris von Sychowski’s teen horror film “The Pool.”

Produced by Werner Possardt and Benjamin Hermann of Calypso Film, “Pool” stars Kristen Miller, Isla Fisher, Elena Uhlig, Thorsten Grasshoff and Jason Liggett.

Set for a theatrical release in Germany July 5, pic is von Sychowski’s feature directorial debut and follows 12 friends, all international pupils studying in Prague, as they plan the party of a lifetime at the city’s largest water park. But when a serial killer infiltrates the group, the celebration evening turns into a life-and-death struggle.

Von Sychowski and Lorenz Stassen co-wrote the script based on an original idea by Andreas Butow. Pic was exec produced by Senator Entertainment’s CEO Hanno Huth.

“Pool” marks Senator Intl.’s second acquisition after its recent pickup of “Das Experiment.” Company also is handling worldwide sales for “24 Hours,” the big-budget thriller starring Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon, Courtney Love and British actor Stuart Townsend that is in production.

” ‘The Pool’ follows the classic teen horror tradition, but with its international cast and spectacular locations in contemporary Prague, it offers a new and stimulating example of this popular genre,” Drake said.