CANNES — Almodovar muse Cecilia Roth (“All About My Mother”) will star in “The Cannibal’s Daughter,” Antonio Serrano’s followup to “Sex, Shame and Tears,” the biggest Mexican B.O. hit ever.

The casting comes as Titan Producciones, producers of both “Daughter” and “Sex,” have closed a co-production agreement with Televisa Cine, the film arm of Televisa, on Nicolas Echeverria’s “Life Kills,” currently in post.

“Life Kills” is also co-produced with Argos Cine, the film division of Argos Comunicacion, the biggest indie TV producer in Mexico. “Life” will be released in Mexico this fall by 20th Century Fox Mexico, reteaming the Titan-Argos-Fox triumvirate that put out “Sex.”

The Televisa co-prod accord could prove the beginning of a longer-term arrangement with Titan.

“At the moment we have an agreement for one pic, but we hope it will generate a long-term relationship,” Titan co-producer Christian Valdelievre said.

Budgeted at about $2 million, “The Cannibal’s Daughter” is designed as a step up in the international ambitions of Titan.

Co-produced by Argos, and based on a novel by Spanish writer Rosa Montero, it is likely to be structured as an international co-prod with Spain.

“Production costs are climbing steeply in Mexico. If you don’t have a venue outside the U.S., you’re going to have a tough time,” Valdelievre said. “We really need to develop other markets.”