CANNES — U.K./Canadian newcomer Redress Films is prepping the $20 million “That Year in China,” based on the true story of a New York Times reporter trapped in China in 1938, the year the Japanese invaded.

“That Year” was penned by Terence Doyle, based on journalist Doris Macauley’s diaries. It tells of her experiences at the hands of the Japanese as she sought to help the Chinese.

Shanghai Film Studios are coming in as a financing partner with a Hong Kong private financier offering but not signed to come on board alongside an unnamed U.K. financier. Redress also is in final talks to develop a slate of films brought to the company by partner Trudy Sargent.

Company is named after the Chinese “redress movement” that seeks to redress the history of the Japanese invasion.

“It’s not a documentary,” said the film’s producer, Martin Grobinsen. “But as it is told through the eyes of a journalist, it is very telling. We are telling history through the movies and it isn’t going to be soft. The Japanese can try and rewrite history through their history books, but more people will learn through a movie.”

Redress was set up by the U.K. producer/Bulgarian distrib Trudy Sargent and Grobinsen. who previously worked for several L.A.-based film companies.