Propaganda toes ‘Line’ for Chow

'Crouching' star to topline Vaughan's revenge pic

CANNES — Propaganda Films has paid low-six against high-six figures to purchase spec script “The Line,” which is being packaged as a vehicle for Chow Yun-Fat to star.

Chow is attached to play the lead role in the pic, written by Tom Vaughan. Dan Halsted is attached to produce.

Pic, expected to be budgeted near $30 million, follows Gun-Li, a Chinese railroad worker who arrives in San Francisco, realizes that he and his wife have been sold into slavery and vows revenge.

Propaganda is in the process of locking in a director and plans to start production in late fall.

Propaganda Films president Rick Hess and Propaganda’s Brian Oliver will executive produce the pic, Vaughan’s feature writing debut. Chris Hanley also will serve as executive producer. Propaganda Films hopes to move into production immediately after the resolution of SAG contract negotiations.

” ‘The Line’ is a new take on the classically drawn action story,” said Hess. “While it is modeled after a Sergio Leone Western, it also has heart and an emotional love story.”