CANNES — Hallmark Entertainment is tapping the German film funds market for a further $65.6 million.

Through a new fund, set to be launched next week by the Munich-based company ALCAS, investors will be invited in put up a minimum of $21.9 million to back five planned Hallmark productions:

  • “Romeo & Julie-Cat,” an animation feature based on the Shakespeare play that will be re-told using cats and dogs.

  • “Lord Jim,” a four-hour two-part production that is to be directed by George Miller, who also penned the project with Steven Miller.

  • Mark Twain’s “Roughing It” is to be turned into a four-hour two-parter based on the semi-autobiographical novel of Twain’s trip through the American West. Book has been adapted by Stephen H. Berman.

Fund will also back a re-make of the “Swiss Family Robinson” story called “Stranded,” and a 22-part series, “The Hidden City,” which will be directed by Luke Hyams and Richard Johnson. It tells the story of a homeless youth in London.