CANNES — German sales companies are bulking up their slates with local product.

Topping the bill for Cine-Pool is “Draw Til You Drop,” a docu on Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, being touted as the first doc on the German painter.

Making its first market screening is “Now or Never: Time Is Money,” a hit local comedy about three old ladies who supplement their income through petty crime until their booty is taken by a series of bank robbers.

Veteran sales company Atlas Intl. has added “Bloody Weekend” to its lineup, which sees a betting office robbery get complicated when the thieves take off with a gangster’s betting coin.

Also new: “Shanghai Lily” from John D. Lamond and three more episodes in the “Erotic Tales” series.

Bavaria Film Intl. has added “Honolulu,” which is co-directed by the winner of this year’s live-action short Oscar, Florian Gallenberger; local hit teen comedy “Girls on Top”; the trash comedy “A Goddamn Job”; Martin Eigler’s “Trust Me” starring Benno Fuermann; and Jobst Oetzmann’s “The Loneliness of the Crocodiles.”

Cine Intl. has taken over sales duties on Wolf Gaudlitz’s “Palermo.”