Duddy debut sees ‘Daylight’

Visual effects supervisor to make directorial debut

CANNES — Visual effects supervisor and cinematographer Christopher Duddy will make his feature directorial debut with bank heist “Broad Daylight” for Shoreline Entertainment.

“Daylight” is about a team of wily investigators who are determined to stop a heist in the middle of the day.

Duddy was part of the visual effects team on features including “Titanic,’ “Waterworld,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” “True Lies” and “The Abyss.” He was one of three cinematographers on “Thirteen Days” with Kevin Costner.

“I am going to add to the scope of the movie with a broad array of exterior shots, with cranes, helicopters and Steadicam moves,” Duddy said. “I want to have the audience sweating from the opening sequence and keep them sweating with a nonstop assault on their senses.”

Shoreline Entertainment, headed by co-principals Vicky Pike and Morris Ruskin, also is in negotiations with Singapore’s Raintree Pictures to co-produce the $5 million actioner “Beeper” with Jack Sholder (“Arachnid”) attached to direct. Shoreline plans to start shooting in October in Singapore at MediaCorp Studios.

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