CANNES — Ray-Bans and Cannes — could it get any hipper?

After taking a hiatus from the fest last year, the Luxottica-owned sunglasses manufacturer is back, making celebs look even cooler on the Croisette.

So far, Americans like David Lynch, Bobby Flay and Roman Coppola and Euro stars such as Michel Piccoli, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Dominique Blanc, Elodie Bouchez, Clothilde Courau, Audrey Tautou and Smain have stopped by the Ray-Ban lounge to get shades for their Riviera romps.

It’s a built-in promotion, but Ray-Bans and the film biz have always been pals: Tom Cruise sporting his pair in “Risky Business” is a modern film icon, and the “Pearl Harbor” flyboys will be winging with Ray-Bans in the Disney film. (And, yes, that look is authentic: Ray-Bans launched those aviator-style glasses in 1937.)

As a bonus, guests at the Ray-Ban lounge will notice the company has teamed with Carlsberg, Sony PlayStation and Chupa Chups at the seaside Cine-Guinguette pavilion. In other words, it’s shades, suds, sweets and Sony under one roof. Who could ask for more?