CANNES — Wim Wenders’ and Ulrich Felsberg’s Berlin-based production company, Road Movies, is bringing together 15 directors to make “Ten Minutes Older,” in which each helmer will create a 10-minute feature on the subject of time.

Wenders, Spike Lee, Bernardo Bertolucci, Mike Figgis, Jean-Luc Godard, Jim Jarmusch, Aki Kaurismaki and Jiri Menzel are set to direct a 10-minute segment each, with negotiations under way for eight other directors of note to do the same.

The films will be delivered as two 90-minute features and 15 10-minute episodes. Delivery date is early 2002.

“Each auteur is free to realize his vision of time,” said Felsberg, who will exec produce and produce the film along with Nicolas McClintock of Odyssey Films and Nigel Thomas of Matador Pictures, who came up with the initial idea to create a common-themed project. “It appealed to us and we came up with the idea of doing the project on time,” Felsberg said.

Pic will close with a one-minute recap highlighting each feature.

Figgis, Jarmusch and Menzel already are shooting, with Wenders and Lee up next.

Reshooting the end of “Paris, Texas” is just one idea under consideration by Wenders, who is considering asking what would have happened at the end of that film if Natassja Kinski’s character, Jane, had shown up 10 minutes later and missed finding her son. Segment could pick up with her meeting him 17 years later.