Entertainment Netcaster Neurotrash.com has merged with publicly traded MVD Holdings to form NT Media Corp. and has bowed a strategy consulting group, to be called NT Consulting.

The combined company, headed by CEO Chris Mehringer and prexy Dana O’Connor, will now operate four business units: Gen Y Netcaster Neurotrash.com, management division NT Management, film and television production/finance arm NT Entertainment and NT Consulting. All former directors of MVD Holdings have resigned.

Headed by partner Cristobal Garcia, NT Consulting will focus on growth-oriented companies in the entertainment, media, communications and technology sectors.

Under terms of the deal, shareholders of Neurotrash parent NT Media Corp. exchanged 100% of their shares for 10 million newly issued pre-split shares of MVD Holdings, which became 24 million shares after the 2.4 for 1 forward split on April 23. NT Media Corp. was represented in the transaction by Beverly Hills and Frankfurt, Germany-based Astor Capital.

“The name change to NT Media Corp. will allow us to move the company beyond the irreverent Gen Y Neurotrash brand and into a broader range of domestic and international entertainment and consulting projects,” Mehringer said. “While Neurotrash.com remains a central component of the company, it is no longer the defining element. The name change reflects our transition into a diversified entertainment and media company.”