MTV Animation clicks Web ideas

'Hairballs' among slate of dozen shows

MTV Animation has unveiled its 2001 development slate of a dozen shows, including “Hairballs,” picked up from Level13.net, the Web site from “Simpsons” production company Film Roman.

A dark comedy based on traditional cat-and-mouse cartoons, “Hairballs,” was created by animator Doug Lawrence and developed by Eric Radomski, Film Roman’s creative head of animation and exec producer for Level13.

Also linked to the Net

The Internet plays a recurring role in several of the other development projects. MTV’s slate includes “Bloid” an interactive gameshow and “Monkeyweiner.com,” which centers on two writers who launch a Web site that critiques other online sites.

“Our goal is to continue to push the envelope of animated entertainment with new concepts in innovative formats,” said Abby Turkuhle, MTV Animation prexy.

Shows originating in cyberspace have been slowly making their way onto the small screen. In March, UPN ordered a pilot for an animated sketch comedy series from UrbanEntertainment.com.

‘Clone High’

MTV has already greenlit one project from the slate. With a 13-episode commitment, “Clone High” centers on high school students who share DNA with important historical figures. Show will be penned by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and exec produced by “Spin City” co-creator Bill Lawrence.

And the net ordered a pilot for “Time Boys,” featuring slacker friends who travel through time. Peter Gaulke and Gerry Shallow, who recently penned Fox’s “Say It Isn’t So” will write the series. Jersey TV will produce the show for MTV.

The cabler’s animation division has also inked development deals with animators Glenn Eichler, creator of MTV’s “Daria,” and Matt Harrigan, head writer of the cabler’s “Celebrity Deathmatch.”