Cieply slipping from Inside.com

Editor claims changes in co. focus as reason for leaving

Weeks after Brill Media Holdings merged with Powerful Media, top staffers continue to ankle the new conglom.

The latest to exit is Inside.com West Coast editor Michael Cieply, who resigned Thursday.

Cieply, who edited Inside magazine before the merger, attributed his decision to the changes the company will undergo in refashioning itself as a trade media outlet.

“There’s a lot of work that’s got to be done here involving integrating deep data and professional newsletters,” Cieply said. “That’s of a far narrower, more tradelike focus than really interests me.”

Resignation follows a dispute between Cieply and Brill Media Holdings chief Steve Brill involving an Inside.com report on the controversy surrounding Hollywood Reporter columnist George Christy. Brill criticized Inside staffers for failing to contact Christy.

But Cieply said Christy had been contacted and stressed that the dispute with Brill had nothing to do with his resignation. “The two issues got artificially confused,” he said. “There were no hard feelings.”

Cieply will continue at Inside until May 15.