Popular teen entertainment venture Alloy Online has pacted with “Big Brother” co-producer Evolution Film & Tape to develop and produce a slate of original reality television programs for the youth market.

Alloy already has set up three potential projects at MTV, Fox and ABC, each based on novels published by Alloy’s 17th Street Prods. arm. The Evolution deal marks the first time that Alloy is developing original reality and scripted shows.

Alloy employs 15 staffers at its New York headquarters to head up its television production efforts. It is likely to increase its presence in Los Angeles during the coming months.

As part of the new agreement, set up by the William Morris Agency, Evolution will oversee the physical production of the shows, with Alloy handling creative efforts. Alloy will also be the Web, apparel and promotional partner for the projects.

Increased leverage

Alloy is looking to increase the online profile of its televised programming. Alloy.com alone attracts roughly 10 million unique and mostly teen visitors per month. It also owns popular catalog and magazine lines.

“It’s the first time we can really leverage the Alloy marketing machine and leverage the Internet at the same time,” said Leslie Morgenstein, prexy of 17th Street Prods. and Alloy Entertainment. He will serve as exec producer on all of Alloy’s TV programming. “There’s so much we can do, from using the Web to cast a show to driving audiences from the Web to the TV show. It’s what we do best.”

Alloy is currently pitching four new shows with Evolution to cablers and broadcast webs for the 2001-2002 season. Evolution is looking to begin production on them this summer.

Of its other projects, “Have a Nice Day,” a movie of the week for MTV produced by Laurence Bender, will likely be the first Alloy project to hit the small screen. It also has a pilot deal at Fox and ABC based on teen novels “The Black Book” and “Fingerprints.”

Besides the first season of CBS’ “Big Brother,” Evolution also produces reality strips “Bug Juice” and “Totally Hoops” for the Disney Channel and “Fear Factor,” expected to bow on NBC some time in June.

Douglas Ross served as exec producer on “Brother” and is exec producer on “Factor.”