‘A.I.’s’ artful intrigue on the Net

WB creates over 20 non-official sites

Those interested in the undisclosed plot details on Steven Spielberg’s “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence” need look no further than the Internet. But not at the official movie site.

Web designers for Warner Bros. have created more than 20 sites setting the pic’s backstory and blurring the lines between fact and fiction, much like “The Blair Witch Project” did two years ago.

For weeks, the Web has been buzzing about a purported clue from “A.I.’s” trailer crediting “Sentient Machine Therapist Jeanine Salla.”

Intrepid Internet geekswho type her name into the Google.com search engine are taken to a page listing Salla as a professor in the Artificial Intelligence Studies department at the fictional Bangalore World U.

Deeper digging exposes several sites promoting the freedom campaign for artificially intelligent robots, as well as an anti-robot militia, which seeks to keep robots enslaved.

How deep do these sites go? One contains a working phone number. When dialed, a woman’s voice talks about her husband’s death in a boating accident — and prompts callers to call another number.

Netizens won’t be able to process these bytes of info completely until the pic bows June 29.