Nodance has ‘Skeletons in Closet’

Digital film fest also provides 'Walk On Program' for filmmakers

DVD-projected Nodance Film and Multimedia Festival has announced its program lineup for this year’s event in Park City, Utah, Jan 20-26.

Festival, which will world preem Artisan’s high-def pic “Skeletons in the Closet” starring Treat Williams and Linda Hamilton, presents features, shorts, documentaries and musicvideos in a celebration of the vibrant digital film culture.

Fest’s lineup includes the world premieres of “Barstow 2008” (director, Bob Morrow), “Shooting Vegetarians” (Mikey Jackson) and “Nebraska Supersonic” (Jeremy Lerman), along with “A Sudden Loss of Gravity” (Todd Verow) and “The Woman Every Man Wants” (Gabriela Tagliavini).

Shorts sked includes “The Collector,” directed by Benton Jew, plus the world preems of “In the Company of Agents” (Robert Duncan), “Looking for Bobby D” (Peymon Maskan), “Urban Chaos Theory” (Daniel Harris) and “Undone” (Kandeyce Jorden).

The docu sked is all world preems: “Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy” (Scott J. Gill), “One Big Trip” (Jason Goldwach), “Loop Dreams” (Harvey Hubbell) and “Starwoids” (Dennis Przywara).

Also on tap are a bevy of noncompeting shorts and features, including “Boxes” (Rene Besson), “Rock Opera” (Bob Ray), “Jar Jar Binks: The True Hollywood Story” (Leif Einarsson), “Redshirt Blues” (David O. Rogers), “Dollface” (Ethan Wilson), “Killing Time” (Tyler Spangler), “It Did It” (Peter Brinson), “Happy Holidaze From the Jonzes” (the Flying Canter Brothers), “Ruppy V 1.0” (Vem Yenovkian), “Drink” (Patrick Smith), “The Voice Inside” (Biff Juggernaut), “Three Things God Can’t Do” (Mike Tarnower), “Neither” (E.G. Pardilla), “Stanley” (Mary Papa), “The Journey” (Eric Saperston), “White Noise” (Bragi Schut), “Welfare to Love” (Chris Coronado) and “Jack and Jill” (Sheri Hellard).

In addition to screenings and panels, the traditional “Walk on Program” at fest headquarters will again provide sign-in screenings for any filmmaker and project.

All screenings and panels are free and open to the public. For information, including a sked of panels, visit www.nodance.com.