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New face in familiar places

It wouldn't be a new season without cast changes, plot twists



Who’s gone: Rick Schroder, Kim Delaney

Who’s new: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Plot twists: Gosselaar’s dad and Sipowicz don’t like each other, and Andy’s not too happy about his newest partner.

Once and Again

Who’s gone: Mark Valley

Who’s new: Steven Weber, Eric Stoltz

Plot twists: Look for slightly less serious subject matter.

The Practice

Who’s gone: Jason Kravits

Who’s new: Ron Livingston

Plot twists: With more kids in the mix, expect more tales from the courtroom and the playpen.

Spin City

Who’s new: Michael J. Fox (returning for three episodes), Farrah Fawcett, Queen Latifah

Plot twists: The mayor and the former poster girl hook up.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Who’s new: Robert David Hall, Eric Szmanda as regulars

Plot twists: More high-tech gadgets have been added to help solve cases.

Family Law

Who’s gone: Julie Warner, Christian de la Fuente

Who’s new: Orla Brady, Meredith Eaton

Plot twists: Surf’s up as the firm moves from Century City to Venice beach.

The King of Queens

Who’s new: Nicole Sullivan

Plot twists: The blue-collar couple continue to try to conceive.

Touched by an Angel

Who’s new: Valerie Bertinelli

Plot twists: New hip angel targets teens.


Ally McBeal

Who’s gone: Robert Downey Jr., Taye Diggs, James LeGros, Lucy Liu

Who’s new: James Marsden, Julianne Nicholson, Regina Hall, Josh Hopkins

Plot twists: Downey’s gone, but Ally may find love again (Marsden).

Boston Public

Who’s new: Jeri Ryan, Michael Rapaport, Leslie Jordan

Plot twists: Winslow High’s newest teachers don’t share the values of the existing staff.

Dark Angel

Who’s new: Jensen Ackles, Kevin Durand

Plot twists: Show will kick into a higher sci-fi gear.

The Simpsons

Who’s new: Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan, Dennis Weaver, Jon Lovitz

Plot twists: Another homage to Halloween and a skewering of literary classics.

The X-Files

Who’s new: Lucy Lawless, Cary Elwes, Annabeth Gish

Plot twists: Even with Mulder out of the picture, creator Chris Carter promises to keep fans intrigued.



Who’s new: Sherry Stringfield, Michael Gross, Mary McDonnell

Plot twists: More heartache for Anthony Edwards and Eriq LaSalle — who are making this their last season.

Law & Order

Who’s new: Elisabeth Rohm

Who’s gone: Angie Harmon

Plot twists: Ripped from the headline storylines will continue to surface.

The West Wing

Who’s new: Ron Silver, Connie Britton, Evan Handler

Plot twists: President Bartlet’s campaign for a second term includes New Hampshire flashbacks.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Who’s gone: Anthony Stewart Head

Plot twists: Buffy’s gone to the underworld, but is she really dead?


Who’s gone: Flex Alexander

Who’s new: Fred Willard guest stars.

Plot twists: Relationship turmoil continues to affect the women’s lives.

The WB

Dawson’s Creek

Who’s gone: John Wesley Shipp

Who’s new: Busy Phillips, Ken Marino

Plot twists: Will the sun-soaked California lifestyle affect Dawson? Will the other kids survive college?


Who’s gone: Donald Faison, Sarah-Jane Potts

Who’s new: Amy Jo Johnson

Plot twists: With both Ben and Noel back in the picture, Miss Porter realizes that two isn’t necessarily better than one.

Gilmore Girls

Who’s new: Milo Ventimiglia

Plot twists: Alexis Bledel is smitten when Luke’s nephew arrives in town.