Japan ad spend on mend

Olympics, election, cyberbiz trigger rally

TOKYO — Despite Japan’s prolonged economic doldrums, the advertising market broke a three-year losing streak with a 7.2% gain in 2000 and posted record expenditures of 6.11 trillion yen ($53.6 billion), according to a Dentsu survey released Thursday.

Ad spending for the Sydney Olympics, a Lower House election and from markets such as information technology and digital satellite broadcasting helped spark the recovery.

The news should bode well for Japan’s webs as TV advertising posted record revenue numbers in 2000 and looks to grow further in 2001.

TV advertising expenditures were up 8.7% to $18.2 billion, and newspaper ad spending rose 8.1% to hit $10.9 billion. Biggest percentage gain winner for 2000 was Internet ads, posting a 144.8% gain to $517.5 million.

The sectors that showed the biggest gains in ad expenditures were information/communication, up 33.6% to $2.9 billion, and the finance/insurance sector, up 28.2% to $2.5 billion. “These two sectors alone contributed 50% of the growth in advertising expenditures in the four major media,” Dentsu said.

Dentsu predicts a 4.3% increase in expenditures for the four major media this year.