Don’t be surprised to see journalists and White House staffers make a break today for any downtown newsstands carrying the September issue of Tina Brown-edited Talk magazine, which boasts a bitchy satire of President Bush’s daughters.

Mag was all the talk on Tuesday, with extensive debate among newsies over a photo spread showing two models made up as Jenna and Barbara Bush behind bars (among other things). In May, the real-life first daughters were cited for underage drinking.

President Bush and first lady Laura Bush are fuming over the photos, with press reps at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. saying they are cutting off dealings with any Talk writer. Other presidents, including Bill Clinton, have routinely asked the media to stay away from their kids, with more success than Bush.

Talk editorial director Maer Roshan said in an interview with CNN Tuesday that the White House needs to get a sense of humor. He said the spread was entirely “within the tradition” of satiric journalism.

Roshan also was quick to dismiss any influence by producer and Democrat Harvey Weinstein, whose Miramax owns Talk.

The prez and his wife, it seems, will have to learn the hard way that by making hay over Talk, they’re simply driving more Americans to buy the mag, which is fighting slumping sales.