Glamour editor in chief Bonnie Fuller ankled the monthly Wednesday.

She’s been replaced by Self editor in chief Cindi Lieve, who worked at Glamour from 1988 to 1999.

Fuller’s tenure at Glamour, a book with a paid circulation of 2.15 million, was often controversial.

She came from Cosmopolitan to replace longtime Glamour editor Ruth Whitney in 1997 and soon began remaking the mag, injecting more sex and celebrities coverage.

The number of celeb cover stories increased under Fuller, from six in 1999 to 10 in 2000 (there have been four thus far this year). One of those celeb covers — Catherine Zeta-Jones — was reportedly unauthorized, causing a flap at Conde Nast sister publication Vogue, which is running what was meant to be an exclusive Zeta-Jones cover later this summer.

Glamour ad revenues for 2001 to date are down 7.2 % over the same period last year, from $46.8 million to $43.4 million, according to Publishers Information Bureau statistics.