The Directors Guild of America has tapped 16 members to serve on this year’s Western Directors Council to conduct guild business on behalf of the 4,780 directors in the region.

The list includes Michael Apted, LeVar Burton, Gil Cates Jr., Martha Coolidge, Taylor Hackford, Walter Hill, Jeremy Kagan, Michael Lembeck, Michael Mann, Garry Marshall, Daniel Petrie Sr., Donald Petrie Jr., Mark Rydell, Steven Soderbergh, Betty Thomas and Lili Fini Zanuck.

“Over the next year, the council will be looking at a multitude of issues large and small, including the negotiation of new contracts and the fight against runaway production,” said DGA prexy Jack Shea. “Our 2001 Western Directors Council includes many of the busiest directors in our industry.”

Alternates tapped are directors Robert Butler, Charles Haid, Randa Haines, Todd Holland, Randall Kleiser, Lee Shallat Chemel, Elliot Silverstein, Penelope Spheeris, Joan Tewkesbury and Jon Turteltaub. Ex-officio members include secretary-treasurer Gil Cates, VPs John Frankenheimer and Paris Barclay, national board members John Rich and Victoria Hochberg and past presidents Arthur Hiller, Delbert Mann, Gene Reynolds, George Sidney, Jud Taylor and Robert Wise.

There are 6,485 directors in the DGA. Total guild membership is 12,194.