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Letter to the Editor: Leslie Weiner

I feel like the movie industry has lost touch with the public. I go to the movies and spend the highest price for a ticket in the country, $9.50. I don’t mind spending it but I find I am getting bored. The same actors stare at me four or five times a year. I am sick to death of Helen Hunt and Charlize Theron. I have nothing against these actors, but I refuse to pay to see them again and again.

Movies are running too long when they are worth seeing. It seems like the same script is restructured and produced by two studios at least twice each year. There was the meteors two years ago and now the “what would have happened if you took another path in life” movie. We are subjected to commercials and trailer after trailer for the first 20 minutes, then we watch a movie that is 30 minutes too long.

Lastly, please, please stop telling the entire story in the trailer. There were so many trailers made for “The First Wives Club,” that when I saw it I realized I’d already seen it. Every worthwhile joke was in a trailer.

Maybe if everyone stopped to think, they would realize there are some of us out there with a brain that want more than we are getting. No, not longer movies. Better scripts, more creativity, more provocative trailers and less of them, and other or newer actors that are not all pinup girls.

Leslie Weiner


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