Gore children hit Hollywood for MTV drive

VP's kids defend contemporaries while Lieberman condemns current culture

Al Gore’s daughters turned out Tuesday to promote MTV’s voter campaign drive at a time when pop culture is under fire from their father’s vice presidential pick, Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

“Our generation has been dismissed as being too self-involved to be in public life. That argument just doesn’t hold water,” Karenna Gore Schiff, 27, said at an afternoon party sponsored by MTV’s Choose or Lose 200 campaign.

Schiff, who will speak tonight at the Democratic National Convention, was accompanied to MTV’s House of Blues voter rally and party by her younger sister, Kristin, 23. Their father won’t arrive in L.A. until today, the day before his nomination speech at the Democratic confab at the Staples Center.

In her comments, Kristin Gore assured the audience that the senior Gore “gets an earful” about what it’s like to be a twenty- or thirty-something. She said he wants to bridge the generation gap, announcing that Gore has agreed to host an MTV town meeting on Sept. 26.

The Gore sisters were unavailable for comment on the fact that Lieberman, selected as the VP candidate last week, has been a staunch critic of the entertainment industry.

However, Dave Sirulnick, exec VP of news and production for MTV, told Daily Variety it’s a question he’d also like to pose to the Gore campaign, though not specifically through the Gore sisters.

Sirulnick said it’s ironic that the Democratic convention is being held in Los Angeles, considering all the convention-related parties being hosted by the Hollywood community.

“Lieberman is one of the most vocal critics of pop culture, and now he’s coming to town to reap the benefits of Hollywood,” Sirulnick said. “How can the presidential ticket reconcile this?”

Sirulnick said Lieberman has been “a little extreme” in some of his comments, including a speech last week in which he said a Gore-Lieberman administration would help raise “PG kids in an X-rated society.”

Tonight, Lieberman will be the featured speaker at the convention. Gore has not commented specifically on Lieberman’s anti-Hollywood stance.

At the convention on Tuesday, delegates rubber-stamped the Democrats’ party platform, which includes a “responsible entertainment” clause. The plank, while not calling for any government intervention, is the first time the Democrats are believed to have introduced such language about the entertainment industry into their platform.

Specifically, the clause states that parents and the entertainment industry must be more accountable for the images that children are exposed to.

“The entertainment industry must accept more responsibility and exercise more self-restraint, by strictly enforcing movie ratings, by taking a close look at violence in its own advertising, and by determining whether the ratings systems are allowing too many children to be exposed to too much violence and cruelty,” the platform reads.

Karenna Gore Schiff painted a different picture of the younger generation.

“They too want a clean, prosperous, healthy and just America,” she said.

Schiff and Kristin Gore said it’s crucial that younger people cast ballots in the November general election and that they represent a crucial voting block — more powerful even than the baby boomers.

President Clinton pushed MTV’s voting drive to national prominence in the 1992 election when appearing in exclusive interviews. Schiff said it’s once again time to support MTV’s efforts.

The Gore sisters have been making the Hollywood rounds in the last several days and appeared Monday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”