Election coverage encourages West Coast apathy

GOOD MORNING: How late did you stay up watching the “corrected” returns? Average time people in D.C. and N.Y. stayed up was 4 ayem; L.A. average, 1 a.m. This “news event” proved conclusively the dangers of early, erroneous reporting. Among ’em, we are reminded again of the possibility of voter apathy from West Coast’ers who might not bother to cast ballots because of already falsely reported election results. No doubt there will be many conspiracy theories about this tabulation for years to come … Meanwhile, tonight while the final Florida tally is being revealed, former (fully popular-and-electoral college elected) Presidents George Bush, wife Barbara, Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalyn join Hillary and Bill Clinton at the White House for the 200th anni of John Adams taking residence at the White House — the first president to do so. The Clintons will be taking another (smaller) D.C. residence after departing the White House when Hillary takes on her U.S. senator job. Jimmy Carter has now completed the book on his early years, about which we reported earlier … Gerry Rafshoon, who was Carter’s media adviser throughout his gubernatorial and presidential careers, as well as his presidential assistant, and his wife Eden hosted an election-night vigil at their home. Guests included news “widows” (i.e. wives of newsmen working Tuesday night) Kate (Mrs. Jim) Lehrer and Affi (Mrs. Michael) Beschloss, as well as Kay Graham, Sally Quinn & Ben Bradley, Sam & Margaret Warner, Liz & George Stevens Jr. … Of course, President Clinton and Senator-elect Hillary C. will be hosting, for the last time, the White House reception immediately preceding “The Kennedy Center Honors,” Dec. 3. Tipper and Vice President Gore also attend, as is the custom. “The Kennedy Center Honors” is a hot ticket: $2,250 a seat — and only available to those contributing $25,000 to the Kennedy Center.

WHAT IF CHELSEA CLINTON came to President Clinton and said she was thinking of going into politics? He answers in a January Talk mag interview, by Harold Evans (obviously written before Hillary’s win). Clinton answers: “Do you want to pay the price to win, to really work hard and to take the blows? And if Chelsea can answer all three of those questions ‘Yes,’ then I would encourage her.” Clinton says he’d warned Hillary, when she thought of running, “If you want to run you have to be prepared to be defeated,” reminding that he’d been defeated twice. Thankfully, her record now stands 1-0 … Surviving “Survivor 2”: Linda Grasso of E! Entertainment reports the Aussie site is “Unbelievably huge — in the middle of nowhere but a cross between summer camp and boot camp, with a company of 250 producing the shows. CBS opened up the war chest for this one.” CBS airs the first seg Jan. 28, and E! will devote an hour special to it Jan. 14, after airing clips on “E News Daily” the week of Jan. 4. Grasso says the trek from L.A. took 30 hours: planes to Melbourne, then Brisbane and Cairns, followed by 4-1/2 hours over a rough dirt road. And it rained for 12 hours of their brief stay, during which an Aborigine crew member was bitten by a poisonous snake; he (the crew member) survived. The “tribal council” is in the middle of a gorge reached down granite cliffs, waterfalls, she reports. An elevator is needed to bring equipment up/down. As for would-be “survivors,” Linda says “two or three could be Playboy centerfolds. And they are (TV) camera savvy!” … Bruce Vilanch was Grand Marshal at the Gay Pride Parade in Palm Springs. He says “The drag queens down there look like the little women you run into in the supermarket!” Vilanch and Cy Coleman have written a musical, “13 Days To Broadway,” which they hope heads to B’way. Jim Dale is to star … After 25 years with KMIR, Palm Springs, Gloria Greer shifts to the Desert’s Time Warner Cable 10 with daily showbiz reports.

BEFORE BOWING HIS “Mack and Mabel” revival Tuesday night at UCLA’s Freud Playhouse, composer-lyricist Jerry Herman was honored by the ASCAP Foundation with a reception at his home. It kicked off the ASCAP Foundation Jerry Herman Legacy Series to educate youngsters about the musical theater. Jerry will talk to kids in SanFran and San Jose in March … All in the family: Chad Lowe is starring in TBS’ thriller “Robin Cook’s Acceptable Risk,” directed by William A. Graham — who directed Lowe’s wife, Oscar winner Hilary Swank, in “Dying to Belong” in 1997 … Carl Reiner emcees the “invitation-only celebration” to Steve Allen, Sunday at the TV Acad … Allen had been set to be a dais member honoring one of his regulars, Pat Harrington, who gets the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at the Sportsmen’s Lodge Nov. 17. Appearing on that dais will be Tom Poston, Sam Denoff, Ed Asner, Bonnie Franklin, Howard Storm, Shelley Berman, Ronnie Schell, Arthur Hill and Harvey Korman … The Alliance for Children’s Rights (children in poverty) raised more than $900,000 at its BevHilton fundraiser Monday night when News Corp. prez/COO Peter Chernin presented the Alliance’s Champion for Children’s Award to Fox TV Entertainment chairman Sandy Grushow. 20th alumnus Tom Sherak (now at Revolution) again handled the auctioneer’s gavel. Jason Alexander m.c.’d and Vonda Shepard (“Ally McBeal”) demonstrated her musical talents.