Beatty unsure on convention participation

GOOD MORNING: Remember when we wondered whether Warren Beatty would be a presidential candidate? He set that record straight with a memorable speech on what candidates should be/do and how they should not be chosen. Well, now Warren isn’t sure whether he’ll be involved at the Democonvention. But he’s sure about one thing — he will not be a speaker. As for any appearances, he’ll decide “from moment to moment.” But he reminds “there’s not a lot to do except hear the speeches of the candidates. The meaning of the convention has changed — with tremendous amounts of money being put in. Everything’s decided. It’s hard to make the event interesting without any conflict. And that certainly was the case with the Republicans.” He allows that both Gore and Lieberman are “good men. But I had hoped someone would run a liberal Democrat in the primaries, but no one decided to run.” Beatty admits he tried to talk “some very good people into doing it — to get out there and make the case — but with the money out there, it wasn’t to be. No one wanted to do it — and it was too costly. Even professional politicians didn’t want to do it. Politics is now played between the 45 yard lines,” he said. Asked for a comment on Sen. Lieberman’s views on showbiz product, Beatty, a father of four, said, “I don’t believe that violence in movies makes for violence in the country. Our same product is shown in England, France, Australia, etc. — and without the violent reaction we have here. The thing to be attended to is — guns. I’ve been active on that since 1965,” he reminded.

NOW THAT SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN is the VP candidate, will he retain his position on the panel “Youth Violence in America: Who’s Programming the Children?” Aug. 16 at the convention as part of the Creative Coalition’s events? Sydney Pollack is newly added to the group which already includes Les Moonves, Wes Craven, Barry Levinson, Juliette Lewis and Montel Williams, with Carl Bernstein as moderator. William Baldwin and Max Keiser co-host … And Ron Reagan joins the Creative Coalition’s delegation at the Democonvention, having also participated in TCC’s GOP doings in Philly where he told the Washington Post George W. Bush “is probably the least qualified person ever to be nominated by a major party — what is his accomplishment? That he’s no longer an obnoxious drunk?” Reagan says he’s voting for Ralph Nader … Harvey Weinstein called in from vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, en route to Europe, to say “Joe Lieberman is a man of incredible integrity and is a brilliant addition. He brings bi-partisan appeal to the Democrats’ ticket and will draw previous supporters of George W. Bush and John McCain.” Weinstein is a force behind the gala fundraisers for the Gore campaign Aug. 17 at the Shrine (he was instrumental in securing Barbra Streisand) and Sept. 14 at Radio City Music Hall. He’s also a moviemaker not to be tampered with. When asked about Lieberman’s quotes on possible legislative controls, he said, “That is not a concern.” And Weinstein, who this past weekend birthday- partied (in advance) President Clinton at a fundraiser for Hillary C., apparently was not (still) perturbed by Lieberman’s past comments about Clinton’s morality … Streisand hosts a brunch Sunday at her home for the Clintons — and major donors to the Clinton presidential library … Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and Ted Kennedy are skedded to speak at the convention Tuesday after which Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger host a party at their home … Chevy Chase hosts a reception at the Recording Academy after the convention session Monday in honor of Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) and other key Demos, in a celebration of music education. Performances by Melissa Etheridge, the Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Koz and Montell Jordan … And from the sublime to — the Laugh Factory sez they’ll offer their stage Tuesday to an “Open Demonstration Night.” Each protester will have three-to-five minutes. Laugh Factory reminder: “We are a non-violent facility (as compared to –?) .Please do not bring gas masks, firearms, homemade bombs or mace.” P.S. There’s a $10 cover charge — but anyone who brings a picket sign will get in free.”

IT WAS ANOTHER OF WB’S SUMMER “feel good” movie premieres in Westwood. Last week, the studio’s “Space Cowboys” took over the Village and the Armand Hammer Museum. This Monday it was back to the same theater plus a parking lot, tailgate post-party for “The Replacements.” The pic’s pro-football-themed music carried over into the bash and scantily clad cheerleaders ditto’d their movie counterparts’ greeting and warmed up guests in the damp Westwood air. Gloria Gaynor belted out the tunes and had the crowd bouncing. Keanu Reeve got hefty applause from the crowd for his football fortitude — he jetted to Chi from L.A. to start his next pic, “Hardball,” on Tuesday. He shifts in this pic to the baseball diamond … On the dramatic scene, catch Edward Asner and Eileen Ryan (Sean Penn’s mom) in Sunday’s “Arli$$” in which Asner, a veteran baseball radio announcer, bids a four handkerchief farewell — announcing he’s got Alzheimer’s disease. Robert Wuhl tells me he was inspired to do the story by his late father-in-law who died of the terrible disease.

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