Barrymore, Green never approach the SNL altar

GOOD MORNING: That cancellation of the scheduled on-air wedding between Drew Barrymore and Tom Green on “SNL” last week was sprung on Lorne Michaels only five minutes before the ceremony was to take place on camera. Drew left Tom waiting, whining, “How could you do that to me?” — although he knew the wedding was off. Yes, the wedding plans had indeed been kosher, confirms Michaels, including the priest and City Hall license. It was Drew who thought the wedding was “inappropriate,” although she went through the motions at the opening of the show, promising a wedding at the finale. Waiting in the Green Room for the “bride and groom” were Caroline Kennedy and her children, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harvey Weinstein, Sara Gilbert and Cameron Diaz … The show got “SNL’s ” highest ratings of the season. On Monday, Green called his manager Howard Lapides from Paris, where he and Drew were attending the preem of “Charlie’s Angels” (they move on to London for tonight’s Royal doings). The wedding? Green told Lapides they’re thinking of summer. Also in London next week will be Michaels to shoot a new ending for “Enigma” — “in the interest of clarity.” “SNL” is off for two weeks. The Dec. 2 show stars Val Kilmer and U2.

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MARTIN SHEEN WAS BACK playing the President Monday in “West Wing” scenes filmed at the Kennedy Center. Sheen had been among protesters Sunday at the Army’s School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Ga., which trains Latin American soldiers — some of whom have been accused by the activists of human-rights violations. The protesters were given letters barring them from the site for five years — and they could be subject to a year in prison if they disobeyed the letter. Sheen has been a protester for the past three years. This is not the only site where Sheen has appeared to voice objections. When I asked the “West Wing” company if they were aware in advance of Sheen’s appearance and whether he might be detained during the filming season, I was informed that Sheen always notifies the company in advance. His manager Glennis Liberty also told me Sheen is “very careful and he knows whether there will be arrests. And, it is taken care of upfront.” Jack L. Warner might have asked if this is “combining good citizenship with good picture-making?” … While a small group of Dalmatian-rights pickets paraded in front of the El Capitan theater Sunday afternoon, inside the SRO theater, $100,000 was raised via the benefit screening of Disney’s “102 Dalmatians” for the Watts Cinema & Education Center. The funds will be used for educational/vocational training (in video/film production including animation), economic development and cultural experience. What better film preem for that purpose than a Disney? Afterward, next door at the El Capitan Entertainment Center was “The Dog House,” where youngsters, parents and grandparents could see Dalmatian puppies and their caretakers, games, food, etc. all under the guidance of orgs including the SPCLA, and groups including Dalmatian Rescue and Save the Dalmatians of So. Calif. … Along Came Mary (Micucci) celebrated her 25th anni Friday at the Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Airport, marking 9,642 events that she has catered. A tribute reel indicated why she has made so many friends over these years as well; on the reel were quotes from Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jeff Wald, Bruce Vilanch, etc. This was definitely no place for anyone on a diet.

IF YOU THINK BRUCE DAVISON’S acquittal in “The Practice” is over, he’s got at least three more segs coming up. And it’s not “double jeopardy.” Stay tuned — I will, for sure. This show is dynamite … The versatile Davison with equally talented wife Lisa Pelikan were among the many guests for Irene and Norby Walters’ pre-holiday celebration at the Friars in BevHills. Among those there was Connie Stevens, just back from India, where she has filmed a seg of her next docu, “Women of a Different Grace” on eight powerful women who make a difference. Her first film, “A Healing,” told of the women who served in Vietnam. Gary Bilington, Stevens’ road manager of 22 years, finally received his Purple Heart for service in Vietnam; Connie was instrumental in his finally getting the medal … Also at the Walters’ bash: Lorna and Milton Berle, who celebrate their ninth wedding anni Nov. 26. Uncle Miltie was 92 on July 12 … Also there, David Hyde Pierce (telling of the new doings taping this week on “Frasier”), Arthur Hiller, James Cromwell, Frances Fisher, William Macy, Martin Landau, Tony Danza, David Keith, Robert Carradine, Charles Bronson, Rod Steiger, Gary Busey, Bill and Rose Narva, Monty Hall, Norm Crosby, Jack Carter, Sid Caesar — and Shirley Jones, together again with Marty Ingels … Also Helen Reddy, here from her new home on the island of Norfolk, between Australia and New Zealand. She’s back to sing “The Christmas Song” atop the Crystal Cathedral float in the Hollywood Christmas Parade Nov. 26 … Doris Day is not planning any pix in the near future, but her Doris Day Animal Foundation “Spay Day USA,” Feb. 27, 2001 campaign (to eliminate pet overpopulation) is titled: “2001: a Spay Odyssey.”