A-list cast adds input to ‘Score’

GOOD MORNING: Why is this heist different from all other heists? Because, director Frank Oz says, “The Score’s” stars, Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando and Angela Bassett, all give their input. And that also means “ad libs” — mainly from the three men. That also meant added script, said Gary Foster, who produces with Lee Rich. The Mandalay pic was skedded for 72 days and will probably shoot 82 in Montreal which is doubling for — Montreal. Surprise! The heist, by the way, is of a priceless 1600 scepter. It’s De Niro’s last heist (for boss Brando) and g.f. Bassett doesn’t want him to do it. There are no steamy sex scenes between ’em in this pic, Oz admits, “although I enjoy doing steamy sex scenes. But this is a character movie.” What about character Brando, who reportedly did his scenes naked from the waist down to avoid being photographed full figure. “That’s bullshit!” insisted Oz — and Foster dittoed. As for the stars’ ad libs, Oz said, “I’m always open to that. I welcomed their input and impact.” What if Oz disagreed with ’em? “I am still the director,” he laughed. What about Brando’s input? “Sure, he’s complex, but gracious and sweet. The script was constantly in flux as we shot and all three jumped in. They are a special breed to see come to life.” … The company has been filming nights for two weeks and that’s heavy duty, they admit. After this pic, Oz plans time off to be with his family of four children. De Niro starts “City by the Sea” and Norton heads overseas for “Hart’s War.”

ANN-MARGRET HAD TO CANCEL a Lifetime guesting in “Strong Medicine” for producer Whoopi Goldberg following a motorcycle accident outside the Brainerd, Minn., racetrack Aug. 19. She suffered four cracked ribs, a broken arm, etc., when her bike skidded on sand and threw her into a boulder. Luckily, no further injuries and none to her (beautiful) face. Despite the pain, she went on as grand marshal of their International Raceway event, waved to the crowds — and then was hospitalized for a week. En route home, she was accompanied on the plane not only by husband Roger Smith, but by their son, Dr. Dallas Smith, of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Burbank’s ER department. A-M will be OK to begin rehearsals in December for starring in the U.S. tour of “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” … Add ill and injured: Max Schell will not have to undergo (pancreatic) surgery as first feared, following his collapse at the Latvian Film Fest where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award. He is in the intensive care unit of a Munich hospital and wife Natasha Andreichinko flew from Moscow to be with him. Schell is skedded to star on B’way in January in “Judgment at Nuremberg” in its first legit form for which Abby Mann has added scenes. Both Schell and Mann received Oscars for the star-studded film — which was first seen as a Playhouse 90. In the play, for Tony Randall’s National Actors Theater, Schell will play the role originated by Burt Lancaster. No one is yet set to play the Schell-started part … Mann is also writing the script for (and will produce) “White Lies” for Showtime. It’s a true story about the justice system in Texas: a black man accused of murdering and raping a white girl is five days away from being executed. Courtney Vance will star. Tony Bill will direct … MGM’s “Summer Stock” is also going to the stage for the first time. Sy Gomberg wrote the Judy Garland-Gene Kelly pic with George Wells and Gomberg has adapted it for the stage with seven added songs by Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen. Roxanne Captor-Messina directs, choreographs and co-produces with Gomberg. The show bows Sept. 1 at the Western Stage in Salinas, Calif., for nine performances — and, it is hoped, onto B’way. The birth of the movie “Summer Stock” was hilariously described by Gomberg in the fall 1996 Screen Writer Quarterly — in which he related his totally extemporaneous idea-pitch of “Summer Stock” to Joe Pasternak, Nicky Nayfack, Eddie Mannix and — Louis B.Mayer. It makes you wonder about — the wonders of showbiz!

QUINCY JONES AND ROSIE O’DONNELL WILL be honored at the second annual Lena Horne Awards, Jones with the Lena Legend Award, O’Donnell with the Lena Mentor Award, Nov. 13 at the NYC Ford Center. Bill Cosby hosts. Ten youngsters will receive $5,000 college scholarships. An all-star show — including the cast of “Stomp” and the Alvin Ailey Dance Company — will be produced by Terry Hodge Taylor. Support for the awards is by the Ford Division and NYC Ford Dealers; American Airlines is the official airline of the Lena Awards … Following Monday’s “My Five Wives” preem at AMC Santa Monica, Rodney Dangerfield and his wife Joan renewed their wedding “vows” at the nearby Locando del Lago restaurant. The Dangerfields had eloped seven years ago in Las Vegas. This “ceremony” was officiated by Andrew “Dice” Clay with cigarette and wisecracks in hand. The bride was accompanied by her father and her entire family of seven came in from Utah for the wedding — and the screening of the polygamy-themed comedy pic. Joan is a Utah native — and a Mormon. NBC’s Salt Lake City affiliate KSL, Channel 5, was also on hand to chronicle comic Dangerfield on these irreligious grounds. On hand also were the Artisan pic’s co-star John Byner plus Elayne Boosler, Adam Sandler, Connie Stevens, Steve Allen, Dick Van Patten, Tom Dreesen, Bill Maher, etc. Rodney, recuped from two heart surgeries, bows Thursday at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

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