9150 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 240
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 860-2300
Fax: (310) 860-2301
Email: marketing@tivix.com
Stand: 27819-27811
Attending: Ray Donahue, exec VP, sales; Eric Rennagel, president-CEO; Heath Hawker, CTO; David Wheeler, CFO.

TVA Intl.

465 McGill St.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 4A6
(514) 284-2525
Fax: (514) 295-4461
Stand: R32.07; phone 9299-8809
Attending: Pierre Lampron, president-CEO; Stephen Greenberg, president; Jean Bureau, exec. VP, distribution; Heather Wyer, exec director, intl. sales; Christina Rogers, intl. sales exec; Anna-Sue Greenberg, director, intl. marketing.


“Stiletto Dance,” two undercover cops infiltrate a Russian crime syndicate to recover a stolen nuclear bomb.
“Race Against Time,” set in a future where desperate humans sell their vary lives for the chance at one final year of comfort.
“Dr. Lucille: The Lucille Teasdale Story,” set in the mesmerising savannahs of Africa, this is a passionate love story of two dedicated doctors and their selfless devotion to human life and dignity.
“Marsupilami,” this world-famous enigmatic creature bounds onto TV screens as the hero of this ambitious animated series; 26 x 24 min.


11 Hanover Square, 14th floor
New York, NY 10005
(212) 505-2288
Fax: (212) 505-5059
Stand: 08.23; 9338-4435
Attending: Yvonne Body; Nora Maria Diaz;Laura Madonna.


“Railway Adventures Across Australia,” 120 min. & 6 x 60 min.
“Cave of the Glowing Skulls,” docu. 60 min.
“Death Row, USA,” docu. 60 min.
“Hollywood Talent Agents,” docu. 60 min.


41-42 Berners Street
London W1P 3AA, U.K
(44-20) 7323-7900
Fax: (44-20) 7323-7933
Stand: 19.11; phone 92-99-83-24
Attending: Alison Rayson, managing director; Kate Bourne, head of sales; Sara Singer, snr. sales exec; Clare Kumahor, sales exec; Nigel Wilson, finance director; Suzi Osborne, personal assistant.


“Blackadder Back & Forth,” comedy spesh which sees Rowan Atkinson and friends return in a timeless classic; 60 min.
“Fat Friends,” a comedic look at the obsessive world of the slimming club in this Full Monty type drama from the North of England; 6 x 50 min.
“Paradise Falls,” drama series set in a picturesque small town in which intrigue, secrets and danger lurk beneath the calm surface; 52 x 30 min.
“My Fragile Heart,” crime thriller; 2 x 90 min.

Team Entertainment

11818 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd floor
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 312-4400
Fax: (310) 312-4401
Stand: R31.21
Attending: Drew Levin, chairman-CEO; Erhart Puschnig, CEO, Team Entertainment Germany; James Waldron, president; Larry Friedricks, Paula Fierman, co-president’s; Noel Cronin, managing director, Team Dandelion.


“Live Through This,” generations collide when four aging rockers trying to recapture the glory days are joined by their five kids on a rock-n-roll tour; 13 x 60 min.
“Vampire High,” a teen drama about coming of age in two parallel worlds that are destined to collide; 26 x 30 min.
“James Dean: An Invented Life,” a legend in the mind of people the world over; 93 min.
“Anatomy of a Hate Crime,” the true story of the tragic beating death of a young college student following the announcement that he was homosexual; 93 min.


650 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 355-4000
Fax: (415) 355-4055
Email: international@techtv.com
Stand: 09.34; phone 9299-8165
Attending: Tom Grams, general manager; Karen Kaufman Perlman, director intl. business; Glenn Farrell, VP marketing & communications; Colleen Schell, intl. operations supervisor; Dee Dee Atta; director, new business development; John Gilles, director strategic development.


“Audiofile,” discover how the internet is changing the music industry from digital delivery of music and internet jam sessions to online tools to create your own music; weekly x 30 min.
“Internet Tonight International,” from music to movies, to the best and the bizarre, let Dash, our virtual character be your guide to a fast-paced entertaining ride throughthe highs and lows of the Net; weekly x 30 min.
“techtv’s Tech World,” up-to-the-minute technology and computer industry news; weekly x 30 min.
“Zip File International,” magazine format presents an easy way for viewers to keep track of what’s going on in the technology world; weekly x 30 min.

Telcast Intl.

Osterwaldstrasse 10
80805 Munich, Germany
(49-89) 36079100
Fax: (49-89) 36079113
Stand: 00.08/02.01; phone 92-99-84-11
Attending: Thomas M. Hohenacker, president; Hagen Bossert, managing director; Anja Stadelmann, snr. VP; Robyn Springer-Mills, VP, intl. marketing; Angela Richardson, head of acquisitions; Sirkka Moller, director of sales.


“Eruptions on Earth,” documentary series about the most spectacular volcano eruptions on earth; 5 x 60 min.
“3-D Wonders of Australia,” Australia’s treasures in three dimension featuring cities & sights, wildlife, outback adventure and many more; 8 x 24 min.
“3-D Shark Specials,” six of the most exciting shark species featured in their natural amazing environments; 6 x 18 min.
“3-D Halloween,” a mystical journey through Scotland’s spookiest places and ghost stories on the most haunted night of the year; 50 min.

Tele Images Intl.

64 rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris, France
(33-1) 44-35-17-38
Fax: (33-1) 44-35-17-62
Stand: 22.02; phone 92-99-83-00
Attending: Simone Halberstadt Harari, President & CEO; Marie-France Han, COO; Marie-Laure Montironi, head of intl. sales; Philippe Alessandri, head of children’s programs; Frederic Lepage, producer.


“Jules Verne’s Amazing Journeys,” animated series based on the novels of Jules Verne; 6 x 50 min. or 12 x 26 min.
“The Nature of Champions,” magazine show that invites you to witness the meetings between human champions and their animal counterparts; 8 x 90 min.
“The Explorers of the Forgotten Islands,” sail with the last great expedition of the century, in search of islands forgotten by time; 6 x 52 min.
“The Man From Kennewick,” since it was washed out of a bank of the Columbia river in July 1996, the 9,200-year-old skeleton has unleashed a scientific revolution in the making, supporting new hypothesis about how man first came to America; 90 min. or 2 x 52 min. or 4 x 26 min.


Sonnenstrasse 21
D-80331 Munich, Germany
(49-89) 558760
Fax: (49-89) 55876188
Stand: 17.08
Attending: Dr. Thomas Weymar, president & CEO; Marc Gabizon, deputy managing director; Marlene Fritz, Ute Scholz, Sonja Seewald, sales managers; Katja Walli, sales manager, Zurich office.


“Private Lies,” compelling story of a woman’s struggle to prevail over the injustice, pain and animosity of a marriage gone wrong; 103 min.
“Power Women,” TV movies based on successful novels by women for women; 9 x 90 min.
“Kino Kolossal,” documentary on how the heroes of Greek-Roman mythology have inspired authors and directors over the years; 60 min.
“Desert,” documentary that traces the spiritual powers of the deserts with vivid, memorable pictures from three continents; 102 min.


4520 Daly Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151
(703) 222-2408
Fax: (703) 222 3964
Email: tpiintl@aol.com
Stand: B1.11; phone 9299-8559
Attending: Larry Higgs, president; Ron Alexander, director, intl. marketing & sales; Ken Lueders, director, program development development.


“Making of a Nation,” this series takes an in-depth look into India of the past, present and future; 10 x 30 min.
“Island,” a travelogue to some of the world’s most exotic islands; 26 x 30 min.
“Great Tastes of the Mediterranean,” in this cooking series, we travel to France, Turkey, Greece, Israel and other Mediterranean destinations to sample the local scenery and the local cuisine; 32 x 30 min.
“360 Degrees-Global Reports,” each episode features three human-interest stories from around the world ranging from the Egyptian pyramid protector to the body piercing craze; 13 x 30 min.

Telescene Film Group

5705 Ferrier, Suite 200
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4P 1N3
(514) 737-5512
Fax: (514) 737-7945
Email: info@telescene.ca
Stand: 17.20
Attending: Robin Spry, president-CEO; Michael Yudin, president, Telescene Entertainment; Bruce Moccia, president, Telescene Film Group, USA; Cynthia Lane, manager public relations.


“Live Through This,” four 1980’s rock ‘n roll superstars reunite for a blow-out come-back tour and bring their five teenage and twenty-something kids along for the ride; 13 x 60 min.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World,” follow the action as Dr. George Edward Challenger and his crew journey through the land that time forgot; 44 x 60 min.
“Big Wold on Campus,” a small-town high school football hero is suddenly bitten by the urge to fight crime and bay at the full moon; 65 x 30 min.
“Door to Door,” a 12-year-old boy uses his very active imagination and daydreams in cartoons; 26 x 30 min.

Telescreen Distribution & Licensing

Weteringschans 85D
1017 R2 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(31-20) 6275022
Fax: (31-20) 6242273
Stand: 05.36; phone 92-99-80-30
Attending: Ruud van Breugel, president; Sjoerd Raemakers, director of distribution; Sabine Hogmans, sales manager distribution; Jeffrey Engelen, sales manager – licensing.


“Anton,” series about a 6-year-old boy and his hobby horse; 26 x 5 min.
“Miffy,” educational pre-school series based on the famous and best-selling books and characters created by Dutch author Dick Bruna; 82 x 5 min.
“Bamboo Bears,” two bamboo bears and their friends travel the world to help endangered animals; 52 x 24 min.
“Moomin,” animated series based on the popular children’s books of Tove Jansson; 104 x 30 min.


201 S. Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 755-8125
Fax: (305) 373-1844
Stand: 05.02
Attending: Pedro Font, president-CEO of Global Media Distribution; Silvia Garcia, exec VP of Global Media Distribution; Mariano Mertiz, director of sales of GMD/Televisa; Carlos Castro, executive VP of Protele Mexico; Mario Castro, VP of sales of Protele Lawrence Dickins, European sales agent.


“Abrazame Muy Fuerte (Embrace Me),” this is a series about a life of torment for a poor young woman, a legacy that unfortunately will pursue her young and beautiful daughter; 80 x 60 min.
“Mi Destino Eres Tu (You Are My Destiny),” a modern-thinking young woman who has worked hard and is now a successful lawyer will have to struggle against many obstacles until the time comes that she can realize which two men is indeed her destiny; 120 x 60 min.
“Carita de Angel (Angel Face),” Dulce Maria is a sweet-natured 5 year old whose father sends her to religious private school after her mother’s untimely death and is mischievous and enjoys all sorts of funny misadventures.; 200 x 60 min.
“Locura de Amor (Crazy in Love),” Natalia is a headstrong 17-year-old who is attending an exclusive all girls boarding school and her life takes an unexpected turn when her father announces he is marrying a woman 20 years younger than he; 80 x 60 min.

Television Suisse Romande

20 Quai Ernest Ansermet
1211 Geneva 8, Switzerland
(41-22) 708-8565
Fax: (41-22) 708-9807
Stand: 12.29
Attending: Andree Hottelier, acquisitions, documentaries; Alix Nicole, acquisitions, fiction; Izabela Rieben, acquisitions, youth programming; Pierre Biner, acquisitions, cultural programs; Monique Dobretz, acquisitions, current affairs; Annie Beljean, head of sales.


“L’Oeil Temoin,” documentary made from archive footage of Andre Gazut’s many TV reports from hotspots around the world; 90 min.
“The Glacier Patrol,” a look at one of the longest, hardest and most popular of mountain climbs; 57 min.
“Tracking Down the Wild Boar,” documentary on the last wild animal to inhabit natural areas still untouched by man; 2 x 50 min.
“Bidoum Bidoum,” series for the young featuring very small characters in the shape of puppets.

The Television Syndication Co.

501 Sabal Lake Drive, Suite 105
Longwood, FL 32779
(407) 788-6407
Fax: (407) 788-4397
Email: TVSco@prodigy.net
In Cannes: Sunset Marquis, VIP lounge; phone 9259-4444
Attending: Cassie Yde, president; Robert Yde, director, marketing.


“Monaco Blue,” a drama filled with power, class and dignity, three generations of a wealthy family seek to retain their stature when a beautiful woman walks into their lives; 120 min. or 13 x 60 min.
“The Mickey Finn Show,” presents the perfect combination of toe-tapping music, comedy and audience participation; 13 x 30 min.
“The City Walker,” this series provides everything needed to make you feel comfortable exploring major cities of the world with local residents.
“High-Definition Travel,” 585 x 30 min.


Immeuble “Le Barjac”
4 Boulevard Victor
F-75015 Paris, France
(33-1) 53-78-24-88
Fax: (33-1) 53-78-24-03
Stand: B1.05; phone 92-99-87-94
Attending: Jean-Francois Boyer, chairman & CEO; Christophe Marguerie, managing & financial director; Michelle Podroznik, director of development & production; Dominique Foucault, sales director; Mireille Sanial, head of documentary production; Felix Maschmann, studios & technical director.


“The Road to Glamour: Adrienne’s Comeback,” the life of a Parisian bus driver is suddenly turned upside down when a famous fashion designer asks her to be the star model for his new collection; 3 x 90 min. or 6 x 45 min.
“Policewomen in Action,” a look at how women have moved into every sector of the French police service; 52 min.
“Breaking Away,” strong passions are unleashed when a schoolmistress is sent to a village school where her childhood friend is teaching; 100 min.
“Don Juan, Figaro, Carmen: A Sevillian Trilogy,” musical documentary on the marvellous city that has inspired so many fables; 52 min.

Tenerife Film Commission

C/Aurea Diaz Flores S/N
38005 Santa Cruz
Canary Islands, Spain
(34-92) 2237871
Fax: (34-92) 2237872
Stand: H4.35; phone 92-99-85-96
Attending: Ana Lima, coordinator.


“The Magic Scrap Yard,” a unique employment agency managed by Imperfecta Gomez.
“Yesterday,” series of half hour documentaries about different unusual topics of the Canary Islands.
“Liber@arte,” 25 minute contemporary cultural magazine.
“A Loving Couple,” animated short set in 18th century Europe.

TF1 Intl.

125 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
92138 Issy Les Moulineaux, France
(33-1) 41-41-21-27
Fax: (33-1) 41-41-21-33
Stand: R36.18
Attending: Jean Louis Capra, chairman; Didier Sapaut, CEO; Perrine Teze, managing director, intl. sales; Annabel Bighetti, TV sales managing director; Eric Marciniak, snr. TV sales manager; Sabine Chemaly, TV sales manager.


“A Wonderful Family,” after the success of the first series, discover the new adventures of a charming family; 3 x 96 min. & 9 x 96 min.
“Beyond Limits,” from pilot to bodyguard – profiles of heroic professionalism; 6 x 52 min.
“Bob & Scott,” the new adventures of Bob, Scott, Zoe and their friends who create comical havoc in 3D animated clips; 27 x 5 min.
“Secret Pol Pot,” unique documentary that lifts the veil from the totalitarian giant Pol Pot; 52 min.

Theatre of Comedy

210 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 2DP, U.K
(44-20) 7379-3345
Fax: (44-20) 7836-8181
Stand: R33.19; phone 92-99-88-20
Attending: John P. Fitzgerald, CEO; Jeff Cotugno, VP.


“Love on a Branch Line,” comedy set in England in 1957 about a man who is sent to a remote corner of East Anglia to assess the work of a government research unit but is unprepared for any of the eccentric characters that he encounters; 4 x 60 min.
“As Time Goes By – Series 8,” sitcom about two lovers who lose touch but meet up after 40 years; 6 x 30 min.


270 N. Canon Drive, Suite 1705
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(818) 998-8126
Fax: (818) 773-8962
In Cannes: Hotel Bleu Rivage; 9339-0101
Attending: Joey Thompson, president; Jen Starr, sales; Georges Alain, acquisitions; Chaya Finton, marketing.


“Children’s Theatre,” animated; 13 x 30 min.
“European Folk Tales,” 22 x 30 min.
“Folk Tales from Japan,” 8 x 30 min.

Through Line Communications

Avda. Cerro del Aguila 9
San Sebastian de Los Reyes
28700 Madrid, Spain
(34-91) 654-1136
Fax: (34-91) 654-4002
Stand: H4.35; phone 92-99-85-96
Attending: Cristina Abril, managing director.


“Atapuerca,” documentary on the astonishing palaeonthological discovery of the oldest human fossils in Europe; 53 min.
“Ashes in the River,” a journey around the Indian Subcontinent; 5 x 50 min.
“Latin America’s Nature,” documentary series interested in the nature and ecology of Latin American National Parks; 4 x 30 min.
“A Vision of Toledo,” a look through the history and culture of one of the most captivating cities in Spain; 30 min.

Titan Media Group

3900 W. Alameda, Suite 700
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 955-7323
Fax: (818) 955-7387
Stand: 21/13; phone 9299-8150
Attending: Carol Sherman, Jeff Androsky, producers.


“Pearl Harbor-Seven Views of Defiance,” 60 min.
“Sturgis – The Great Ride,” the biggest motorcycle rally in the world; 60 min.
“California Girls,” discover what a California girl really is; 60 min.
“The Best of Las Vegas,” discover the best casinos, the best odds, the best payouts, the best overall on the Las Vegas strip; 60 min.


58 Yokodera-Machi, Shinjukuku
Tokyo, Japan
(81-3) 5261-7619
Fax: (81-3) 5261-3875
Stand: R36.12; phone 9299-8826
Attending: Hidenori Oyama, exec director; Katsuoki Yamamoto, director; Yasuo Matsuo, representative for America; Ryutaro Matsumoto, representative for Europe.

Tokyo Broadcasting System

5-3-6 Akasaka, Minatoku
Tokyo 107-8006, Japan
(81-3) 5571-3085
Fax: (81-3) 3505-1584
Email: prosales@tbs.co.jp
Stand: 10.10; phone 9299-8242
Attending: Yutaka Ito, director, media business center, division of project development; Makito Sugiyama, manager, program sales dept., media business center; Yasuo Ebara; James McLeod; Ayako Takano, Gregory Bellon, sales execs.


“Sorcerous Stabber Orphen,” set in a medieval world of monsters and magic, this exciting fantasy adventure title focuses on a sword-wielding fighter with magical abilities named Orphen; 24 x 30 min.
“Sakura Wars,” set in 1920’s Tokyo, an underground attack force called Team Sakura is created to fight against demons that terroize the city, pitting might and magic against the team’s technology; 25 x 30 min.
“Muscle Ranking,” spectacular primetime competition testing the limits of human abilities; 200 x 60 min.
“Future Diary,” innovative blend of drama and reality; 20 x 30 min.


4905 Gentry Ave.
Valley Village, CA 91607
(818) 769-0883
Fax: (818) 769-0887
Email: tomwil@earthlink.net
Stand: 09.20; phone 9299-8161
Attending: James Rokos, president; Wilda Rokos, exec VP.


“Lethal & Dangerous: Venomous Snakes,” join snake expert William Lamar as he travels through South America in search of the ten deadliest snakes in the New World; 60 min.
“Glorious Technicolor,” the history of the development of Technicolor including clips from the classic; 60 min.
“Battleground 2000,” the newest edition of the International Fighting Championship series; 120 min.
“2001 Nascar Winston Cup and Busch Grand Nationals,” the complete season of the premiere American motorsport; 70 x 180 – 240 min.

Toon Factory

11 rue Torricelli
75017 Paris, France
(331) 4409 4750
Fax: (331) 4574 2796
Stand: 26.10; phone 9299-8266
Attending: Claude Berthier, chairman; Eric Jacquot, president; Valerie Seban, director of marketing & development; Joanna Ruer, production director; Maureen Sery, Thierry Berthier, producers.


“How to Care for Your Monster,” a 12-year-old talks his folks into a pet Monster; 52 x 13 min.
“Theodric the Quest,” the adventures of your Theodric and his companions in their quest to overcome the Evil Forces threatening their planet; 26 x 26 min.

Transfax Film

22 Nachmani Street
Tel-Aviv 65201, Israel
(972-3) 566-1484
Fax: (972-3) 566-1450
Stand: A0.09; phone 92-99-85-03
Attending: Marek Rosenbaum, CEO/producer; Yael Yomtov, VP of sales.


“Yana’s Friends,” Yana and her friends wrestle with the problems that all immigrants face – language, culture, money, jobs and love; 90 min.
“Wild,” story of a 17-year-old’s soul-searching journey into the big world; 92 min.
“Chronicles of Love,” a social worker who has been physically and verbally abused by her husband finally deals with her situation and takes matters into her own hands; 94 min.
“Laugh & Roll Pt. 1 & Pt. 2,” hysterical hidden camera situations; 90 min. & 60 min.

Trimark Television

4553 Glencoe Ave., Suite 200
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 314-2000
Fax: (310) 399-1570
Stand: 12.10-14.09
Attending: Andrew Reimer, senior VP, worldwide TV.


“After the Storm,” a luxurious yacht laden with a fortune in jewels goes down in a violent storm and the race is on to salvage the bounty at any cost.
“Xchange,” a futuristic thriller about an exclusive way to travel in the future by exchanging bodies with someone in your chosen destination, however a passengers worse fears are realized when his body is hijacked by a ruthless terrorist.
“Wet Work,” a troubled young Navy Seal who is constantly at odds with his demanding superiors and equally tough comrades contacts a helpline out of sheer desperation.
“Attraction,” even though their love affair has ended, Matthew is obsessed with Liz who, while rejecting his advances has gotten use to being the object of his desire.

Troma Entertainment

The Troma Building
733 Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 757-4555
Fax: (212) 399-9885
Stand: A0.11
Attending: Michael Dwyer, director intl. sales.


“Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV,” the hideously deformed superhero from NJ returns to do battle with his most powerful enemy ever: himself!; 90 min.
“Parts of the Family,” a strange young woman initiates a family reunion, zombie-style; 100 min.
Libraries, the Roan Group Archival Entertainment
Library of over 300 classic American thrillers, Westerns, dramas, comedies.
The Troma Entertainment Library, over 600 action, horror, Sci-Fi & erotic features.

Trust Film Sales

Avedoere Tvaervej 10
2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
(45-36) 868788
Fax: (45-36) 774448
Stand: 03.29
Attending: Rikke Ennis, TV sales exec.


“The Lady of Hamre,” can you survive a marriage devoid of love? 87 min.
“The Bench,” a man is given a second chance, bur first he must come face to face with his dark past; 90 min.
“A Summer Tale,” 91 min.
“Dog Days,” the dogs Sture and Picasso intend to go to Paris but end up in an eccentric hotel where a strange and mysterious event begins; 64 min.

Tsuburaya Productions Co.

7-4-12 Kinuta, Setagayaku
Tokyo, Japan 157-0073
(813) 3416-4121
Fax: (813) 3416-3140
Email: tpcintl@tsuburayaprod.co.jp
Stand: 07.36; phone 9299-8052
Attending: Atsushi Saito, intl. sales; JJ Wang, intl. sales; Miki Mochizuki, intl. sale assistant.


“Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey,” from the ancient past, 3 gigantic warriors reawaken to conquer the world; 90 min.
“Ultraman Tiga,” when monsters appear to wreak havoc, young Daigo transforms into the titanic warrior Ultraman Tiga, a 40 meter tall warrior with powers beyond human imagination; 52 x 30 min.
“Ultraman Gaia,” a young pilot discovers the power to transform himself into a towering 40 meter red and silver hero in order to battle monstrous beasts invading planet Earth; 51 x 30 min.
“Booska! Booska!,” was invented accidentally by young Daisuke Tonda while Daisuke was developing super powered rocket fuel for his skateboard; 30 x 30 min.

TV2 Danmark Programme Sales

Sortedam Dossering 55A
2100 CPH. OE, Denmark
(45) 35372200
Fax: (45) 35372227
Stand: 13.18
Attending: Mette Hoffman Meyer, head of sales & coproduction; Lone Borsing, sales exec; Birgitte Andersen, sales assistant.


“At the Faber,” drama series about life in a family hotel in the provinces; 60 x 45 min.
“R.U.E.U,” join Nick Fraser in an almost surreal political road movie about the EU as he searches for something to believe in; 90 min. or 2 x 45 min.
“Free as a Bird,” portrait of a 15-year-old Bosnian refugee girl, Ivana, who lost almost her entire family in the war and now lives in England; 50 min.
“Helmuth Olsen’s Tummy,” amusing animation about what we eat and where it goes; 7 x 2.5 min.

TV Azteca

Periferico Sur No. 4121
Col. Fuentes del Pedregal
DF. 14141, Mexico
(525) 420-5728
Fax: (525) 420-1435
Stand: 07.19; phone 92-99-82-36
Attending: Marion San Roman, director Azteca 13; Pedro Lascurain, intl. affairs director; Marcel Vinay, intl. sales director; Martin Luna, general director of content; Ignacio Duran, acquisitions & content director; Ignacio Suarez, chief of staff and Advisors Council Presidency TVA.


“Bride’s Avenue,” story of two feuding families who own shops on the same street, both selling bridal gowns; 100 x 60 min.
“All For Love,” a woman is forced to care for her children, support her home and face the challenges of a new love, when she discovers that her husband of 26 years has been unfaithful; 180 x 60 min.

TVF Intl.

Islington House
313-314 Upper Street
London N1 2XQ, U.K
(44-20) 7359-8997
Fax: (44-20) 7359-8927
Stand: R29.34; phone 92-99-88-16
Attending: Lilla Hurst, head of sales & acquisitions; Anne Roder-Botbol, snr. sales manager; Joanna Langton, sales manager; Jennifer Aitchison, sales exec; Anthony Kimble, acquisitions exec; Phillip Wagner, marketing exec.


“Baboons,” documentary on the baboons that live on the Cape of Good Hope; 52 min.
“21st Century Aboriginal,” a look at the use of modern technological advancements by the world’s oldest people; 3 x 52 min.
“Cuba: The Forgotten Land,” series covering the Cuban struggle for freedom; 3 x 52 min.
“Ticket to Ride,” 6 twentysomethings are faced with the challenge of taking a London Bus from London via Canada to Tierra Del Fuego; 13 x 26 min.


Munchner Strasse 16
D-85774 Unterfohring Munich, Germany
(49-89) 20508100
Fax: (49-89) 20508199
In Cannes: Jim Morgan Yacht
Attending: Peter Volkle, CEO; Dr. Carl Woebcken, CFO; Thomas Kubeile, director of merchandising & marketing; John Bullivant, director of programmes; Thomas Steger, technical managing director, Online; Christian Morawietz, head of business development, Online.


“Letters From Felix,” animated series featuring Felix the Rabbit, who has a different adventure in a different country each episode; 39 x 7 min. or 13 x 26 min.
“Yvon of the Yukon,” animated adventures of a 17th century French explorer who had been trapped inside a block of polar ice for 300 years until he was defrosted; 13 x 26 min.
“Pettson and Findus,” children’s series based on the books of Sven Nordquist; 13 x 12.5 mins.
“The Fantastic Flying Journey,” the adventures of three children who fly around the world with their Great Uncle Lancelot in his hot air balloon, in search of his lost brother; 26 x 11 min.

TV Matters

De Ruyterkade 142
1011 AC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(31-20) 627-2126
Fax: (31-20) 620-7939
Stand: 16.18; phone 92-99-82-14
Attending: Daniel Hart; Len Giarraputo; Janet Schorer.


2 rue des Quatre-Fils
75003 Paris, France
(33-1) 40-29-89-00
Fax: (33-1) 40-29-89-10
Stand: 02.15; phone 92-99-80-41
Attending: Olivier Albou, sales exec.


“A Brush With the Stars,” when a small-time Brittany hairdresser finds out that his daughter is heading for Paris to pursue a film career, his life experiences a slight upheaval, akin to a nuclear explosion! 100 min.
“Crime Scenes,” thriller concerning two homicide cops who struggle to balance their personal lives an the tense search for a serial killer; 100 min.
“The King’s Daughter,” a 17th century French boarding school for girls suffers through the turmoil of sensual awakening and the ensuing religious repression; 120 min.
“Le Libertin,” Diderot’s Encyclopedia is being illegally printed while its author dodges the law, the Church, his wife and his definition of Morality; 105 min.

Unapix Intl.

15910 Ventura Blvd., 9th floor
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 784-3337
Fax: (818) 848-7934
Email: info@unapixintl.com
Stand: 21.12; phone 9299-8255
Attending: Scott Hanock, managing director, intl.; Dorothy Crompton, intl. VP; Maren Patterson, intl. sales coordinator; Herb Pearlman, chairman-CEO Unapix Entertainment; David Lawi, exec director, Unapix Entertainment; David Dreilinger, COO, Unapix Entertainment.


“Totally Out of Control II,” explores what happens when love, marriage and vacations go out of control; 2 x 60 min.
“Sight Unseen,” explores the true stories behind and in front of thelens of the hidden camera, discovering why cameras are hidden, who hides them and how; 6 x 60 min.
“Speed Gone Wild,” experience the fast-paced and dangerous world of motor-sports, including sensational crashes, explosions and exciting raceway action; 3 x 60 min.
“Crash Files,” this series explores the investigative process of transportation mishaps; 3 x 60 min.

Universal Intl. Television

100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
(818) 777-1300
Fax: (818) 866-2143
Stand: H4.05
Attending: Blair Westlake, chairman, Universal Television & Networks Group; Peter Hughes, Steve Jarmus, exec VPs & co-head; David Ellender, managing director, Europe.


“Attila the Hun,” a hardened warrior while still a boy, the young Attila united the Hun nations and conquers most of the known world; 4 hrs.
“Deadline,” Wallace Benton is a hardboiled winning journalist in New York City with an uncanny nose for news; 13 x 60 min.
“The Huntress,” a true story of Dottie Thorson who, when left a widow, had no choice but to take up the family business of becoming a bounty hunter; 13 x 60 min.
“The Invisible Man,” a small-time thief busted for robbing an elderly man’s apartment is sentenced to life without parole and volunteers for a top-secret scientific experiment to win a pardon.

Valencia Entertainment Intl.

26030 Ave. Hall, Stage 5
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 257-8000
Fax: (616) 257-1780
Email: valnciaent@aol.com
Stand: 2113; phone 9797-1600
Attending: Vince Vellardita; CEO


“Frankie Avalon’s Let’s Do It Again,” the show will take a look from the past to the present of music and entertainment. Audiences of all ages will enjoy this variety show which will feature many guest stars from music televsion, film and sports; 60 min.
“PCH,” is a university of many nationalities. Shot at the beaches that the rich and famous call home. The show features music and extreme sports; 60 min.
“Fuhgedabowdit,” crime family boss steps down and he has to chose between his three children to take over the family; 30 min.


100 Ave of Americas, 12th floor
New York, NY 10013
(212) 274-1600
Fax: (212) 219-1685
Email: info@videofashion.com
Stand: 07.40; phone 9299-8159
Attending: Marlene McGinnis Cardin, exec producer; Anne Adami, managing editor; David Vargas, intl. marketing associate.


“Videofashion!,” gives viewers an exciting front row seat to the very latest and best fashion trends from the fashion capitals of the world; 52 x 24 min.
“Model TV,” tells the real story once the supermodels step off the runway and away from the camera; 29 x 30 min.
“Videofashion: The World’s Greatest Designers,” docu. series.
“Videofashion Specials,” dealing with the most important aspects of fashion and lifestyle; 91 x 24 min.

Video Ordnance

100 Ave of Americas, 12th floor
New York, NY 10013
(212) 334-7776
Fax: (212) 219-1969
Email: info@videoordnance.com
Stand: 07.40; phone 9299-8159
Attending: Marlene McGinnis Cardin, president; Paul Cardin, director; David Vargas, intl. marketing associate.


“High-Tech Weapons of Destruction,” docu series; 2 x 24 min.
“Ultimate Aircraft,” 3 x 52 min.
“Firepower 2000,” 4 x 52 min.
“Fighter Jets and Attack Aircraft,” 30 min., 90 min.

Vine Intl. Pictures

VIP House
New Road Hill
Downe, Orpington
Kent BR3 5AJ, U.K
(44-1689) 854123
Fax: (44-1689) 850990
Stand: 01.02
Attending: Marie Vine, CEO.


“King of L.A.,” a drama about the homeless, set in the shadow of glamorous Hollywood in downtown Los Angeles.
“Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry,” story of a man who uses double-entry book-keeping to settle his account with society.
“Mumbo Jumbo,” zany British comedy.
“The Tulse Luper Suitcase Trilogy,” three feature films and a TV series about the adventures of the writer, filmmaker and professional prisoner.

Vision Europa

C/Maria Auxiliadora 26
28220 Majadahonda
Madrid, Spain
(34-91) 6344608
Fax: (34-91) 6392386
Stand: 14.02; phone 92-99-82-11
Attending: Juan-Julio Baena, president; Juan Baena, exec VP; Adela Velasco, director of intl. sales; Nurja Dufour, press department; Patricia Guijarro, assistant to the President.


“Muneco de Trapo,” while still a baby, Laura’s father is sentenced to 30 years in prison for a murder he did not commit and her mother dies; 120 x 60 min.
“Hechizo de Amor,” love makes its way into the hearts of Ligia and Mabel, two very different women who are linked by destiny; 120 x 60 min.
“Vidas Prestadas,” what should have been the happiest day in young attorney Fernanda’s life, turn out to be the most painful as her fiance fails to show for their wedding ceremony 120 x 60 min.

Vision Films

4626 Lemona Ave.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 784-1702
Fax: (818) 788-3715
Email: visionfilms@earthlink.net
Stand: R29-33; phone 9299-8850
Attending: Lise Romanoff, managing director; Michelle Siazon, director sales & servicing.


“A Love Divided,” a passionate love story set against the backdrop of religious bigotry in 1950’s Ireland; 100 min.
“The Silent Force,” a government agency must stop a powerful Asian crime ring; 95 min.
“Final Cut,” a story of secrets, lies and disloyalty; 94 min.
“One Hell of a Guy,” when a handsome devil meets a living angel it’s one hell of a time; 97 min.