Vendors & Products: Ne – Rw


32 Atlantic Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 1X8
(416) 588-5571
Fax: (416) 588-5588
Stand: L5-05
Attending: Michael Hirsh, co-CEO; Toper Taylor, president; Emmanuele Petry, managing director, Paris; Marie Laure Marchand, director, intl. sales, Paris; Catherine Donohue, director, Canadian sales; Gillian Kirby, sales exec, London.


“Braceface,” follows the adventures of Sharon Spitz an 8th grader who is dealing with the stress associated with having braces; 26 x 30 min.
“Cyberchase,” features three earth kids who are summoned into cyberchase; 26 x 30 min.
“Quads,” an animated series of a firsthand account of the life of a quadriplegic; 13 x 30 min.
“Gahan Wilson’s Kid,” a realistic, but humorous view of the world according to a 10-year-old boy; 70 min.


12 rue Vignon
75009 Paris, France
(33-1) 42-68-24-24
Fax: (33-1) 42-68-24-25
Stand: to come
Attending: Marc Minjauw, VP & producer; Frederic Garroy, sales & marketing director; Vincent Baroni, David Gering, Yangsook Lee, Barbara Rodriguez, intl. sales managers.


“Cyrano 2022,” in the 21st Century, Cyrano and his friends are the last hope of mankind against the group of evil world leaders; 26 x 26 min.
“Oreana,” the animated adventures of Oreana and her best friend, prince Timi, on the planet April; 4 x 13 min. or 52 min.
“Conan Doyle’s The Lost World,” adventure series telling the story of a scientific expedition in search of the Lost World, located in South America; 26 x 26 min.
“Tristan & Isolde,” the romantic tale of knight Tristan and his beloved Isolde; 75 min.

New Dominion Pictures

1000 Film Way
Suffolk, VA 23434
(757) 923-1300
Fax: (757) 923-1340
In Cannes: Yacht Mai Mai II, east side of Le Palais
Attending: Tom Naughton, president; Nicolas Valcour, VP; Kristen Eppley, sales associate & distribution.


“The Prosecutor’s: In Pursuit of Justice,” a chilling examination of the criminal mind through the eyes of the prosecuting attorneys; 13 x 60 min.
“The FBI Files,” 49 x 60 min.
“Navy Seals: Untold Stories,” 3 x 60 min.
“Ghost Stories,” 44 x 30 min.

New Line Television

888 7th Ave.
New York, NY 10106
(212) 649-4900
Fax: (212) 956-1936
Stand: 7.02-9.01; phone 9299-8238
Attending: Robert Friedman, co-chairman, worldwide theatrical marketing, president; Diane Keating, exec VP, intl. TV.


“Just Married,” an intimate portrait of marriage following a group of newlyweds through the early years of marriage; 90 min.

Nonstop Sales

Dobelnsgatan 24
SE-113 52 Stockholm, Sweden
(46-8) 673-9980
Fax: (46-8) 673-9988
Stand: H4.35
Attending: Michael Werner, sales director; C.G. Anderson, CEO; Anna Sergel.


“Shit Happens,” satirical drama comedy about three sisters learning that parenthood and family life are far much more complicated than expected; 109 min.
“Only Clouds Move the Stars,” heart warming family drama of how to overcome the loss of a family member; 96 min.
“Gurin With the Foxtail,” the Gnome Gurin is given a foxtail for playing to many tricks on others; 76 min.
“Restless,” erotic drama concerning a young ambulance doctor, Ari, who is obsessed with seducing women; 100 min.

Nordisk Film Intl. Sales

Halmtorvet 29
DK-1700 Copenhagen, Denmark
(45-33) 266880
Fax: (45-33) 266889
Stand: R33.05
Attending: Kenneth Wiberg, Eva Nerman, sales directors; Sanne Arloe, Klaus Rasmussen, sales execs; Casper Hald, sales manager.


“Beyond,” when two boys discover a sunken submarine from WWII, they hope to find Nazi gold but the sub contains more powerful secrets; 94 min.
“Princess Kristina,” documentary looking at he life of the Swedish princess, Kristina.

North American Releasing

808 Nelson St., Suite 2105
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6Z 2H2
(604) 681-2165
Fax: (604) 681-5538
Email: group@nar.bc.ca
Web site: www.nar.bc.ca
Stand: 09.27; phone 9299-8273
Attending: Lloyd Simandl, chairman-CEO; Sharla Bullard, VP distribution; Suzanne Daley, VP worldwide sales.


“Rage of the Innocents,” a young warrior must band together with a small group of rebels and wage a guerilla war in order to rescue his true love and save his people from certain death; 95 min.
“Dark Labyrinth,” while reserching Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a 15th century serial killer, a young woman must use her historical expertise to outwit a modern-day monster that is driven by the same desire for blood.
“Broken Fate,” in a not so distant future, a massive plague has killed almost everyone on the planet and a few young women must venture off into the unknown and make their way to Cheyenne Mountain, in the hopes of finding peace.
“Omega Force,” a Belgian NATO weapons expert, is being blackmailed into helping an infamous Balkan warlord, activate a Russian nuclear bomb.

NOS Sales

P.O. Box 26444
1202 JJ Hilversum, The Netherlands
(31-35) 6773561
Fax: (31-35) 6775318
Stand: 16.20
Attending: Kaisa Kriek, snr. manager; Joris van der Weijden, Margaret Stanneveld, sales execs.


“The Last Yugoslavian Football Team,” intriguing film about friendship, war and the love of soccer; 83 min. or 57 min.
“Rail Away 4,” series on international train travel; 13 x 25 min.
“The Red Stuff,” film about the first real explorers of the cosmos, the “Eaglets”, from the early years of Russian space travel; 78 min. or 55 min.
“Travel Documentaries,” series introducing you to different destinations and cultures around the world; 46 x 30-60 min.


12555 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 221
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 448-2500
Fax: (310) 448-2525
Email: graphics@novo.com
Attending: Barry Smith, VP, business development; Gil Haslam, VP design, creative director; Nishat Sattar, managing director, Novocom Europe.

NRK Aktivum

Bj. Bjornsons plass 1
N-0340 Oslo, Norway
(47) 23042520
Fax: (47) 23042720
Stand: 03.29; phone 92-99-83-29
Attending: Janne Haanes, head of sales; Bente Sagplads, area sales manager; Sophia Fergus, coordinator.


“The Class Photograph – Latvia 1980-2000,” 20 years of Latvian history as seen through the eyes of five Latvian classmates; 59 min.
“The Kon-Tiki Man,” unique series about the life of Thor Heyerdahl; 5 x 50 min.
“A Race For Life,” portrait of a courageous man, Ketil Moe, who died at the age of 33 of cystic fibrosis; 52 min.
“The Spirit of Democracy,” series portraying the way in which democracy has developed to become the most universally acclaimed system; 6 x 26 min.

Nu Image/Millenium Films

9145 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 246-0240
Fax: (310) 246-1655
Email: nimage@msn.com
Stand: 20.15; phone 9299-8270
Attending: Danny Dimbort, co-chairman & CEO; Carole De Los Santos, VP, intl. sales.


“Edges of the Lord,” a young Jewish boy lives with a peasant family and pretends to be Catholic during the German occupation of Poland.
“The Order,” an FBI agent enters a world of intrigue when he is sent to Israel to retrieve two men who have confessed to killing his father during the heist of an ancient religious manuscript.
“Ticker,” a burned out cop finds new meaning working with the Bomb Squad trying to stop a crazed bomber bent on revenge.
“Prozac Nation,” a true story of a college freshman struggling with depression.

NVC Arts

The Forum
74-80 Camden Street
London NW1 OEG, U.K
(44-20) 7388-3833
Fax: (44-20) 7383-5332
Stand: 20.01; phone 92-99-83-17
Attending: John Kelleher, managing director; Veronique Verges, sales manager; Elfyn Morris, snr. sales exec; Tom Brooks, sales exec; Clive Sugars, head of video & new media; Simon Abbott, pr & marketing manager.


“Private View,” informative mix of serious art history and entertainment from around the world; 10 x 26 min.
“The LWT South Bank Show 2001 Series,” 10 new profiles of people from the arts’ world; 10 x 52 min.
“Australia – Beyond the Fatal Shore,” art critic Robert Hughes conducts a momentous survey of Australian art and culture; 6 x 52 min.
“Dancing on Dangerous Ground,” new award-winning Irish dance drama; 74 min.

Oasis Pictures

6 Pardee Ave. Suite 104
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 3H5
(416) 558-6821
Fax: (416) 588-7276
Email: info@oasispictures.com
Stand: 2602
Attending: Peter Emerson, president; Valerie Cabrera, VP intl.; Steve Murphy, director intl. sales; Brian Barrett, controller.


“Torso,” the Evelyn Dick trial shocked and enticed people all over the world, a story as bizarre, tangled and tragic as they come and it’s all true.
“King of the Cage,” this action-packed, kick-butt, no-holds barred series of bouts brings together some of the top names and styles in ultimate fighting; 5 x 120 min.
“Debbie Travis’ Painted House,” from the basement to the attic, host Debbie Travis takes you step-by-step through hundreds of incredible projects that teach you to renovate with paint; 130 x 30 min.
“Young Hollywood,” a docu. style show that profiles Hollywood’s hottest young stars. Individual portraits include: Cameron Diaz, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and many more; 13 x 30 min.

Octapixx Worldwide

23 Lesmill Rd., Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3B 3P6
(416) 449-9400
Fax: (416) 449-9498
Stand: 00.01
Attending: Patricia Scarlett; manager intl. sales & acquisitions.


“Sharks–The Silent Killers,” journey to dozens of exotic locales worldwide for a visual investigation of nature’s ultimate “Killing Machine” – the shark; 60 min.
“Little Buck’s Christmas,” a heartwarming Christmas special about an extraordinary little reindeer who struggles against unbeatable odds to save Christmas for a little girl and her family; 30 min.
“Solid Cover,” an undercover cop infiltrates the Russian Mafia to capture a serial killer who targets female members of a gym; 93 min.
“Lives of Girls and Women,” a coming-of-age story about a young woman whose mother’s ambition is to give her the best education possible to liberate her from the constraints of small town life; 90 min.

Odec Kid Cartoons

Rue de la Consolation 93
B-1030 Brussels, Belgium
(32-2) 216-2601
Fax: (32-2) 216-9563
Stand: 11.20
Attending: Jacques Vercruyssen, general manager; Violette Vercruyssen-Wacha, chairman of the board; Alain Royer, administrator.


“Gowap,” children’s series about a family who adopt a friendly and clumsy little animal; 52 x 13 min.
“Weird Monsters,” series about the monsters that live on an island of paradise in the middle of the Nowhere Ocean; 52 x 5 min.
“Fritz and Wally,” the animated adventures of a courageous space traveller and his pet robot; 26 x 5 min.

Omnitem Communications

45 rue de l’Est
92100 Boulogne, France
(33-1) 48-25-00-55
Fax: (33-1) 48-25-47-51
Stand: 06.23; phone 92-99-82-20
Attending: Olivia Zameczkowski, general manager; Marie-Christine Zameczkowski, legal manager; Jeremy Pierard, intl. sales assistant.


“The Fabulous Story of the Garden Gnomes,” documentary looking at the origins of the garden gnome; 52 min.
“Remember Cuba: The 50’s,” a look at the years that changed the face of Cuba forever; 55 min.
“Graves Plunderers,” documentary exploring an activity in South America that is one of the most lucrative after the Drug commerce; 30 min.
“The Fabulous Story of the Pipe,” documentary that examines the origins of the pipe; 52 min.

Overseas Filmgroup

8800 Sunset Blvd., 3rd floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 855-1199
Fax: (310) 855-0719
Stand: 16.16 & 18.13; phone 9299-8061
Attending: Robert Little, co-chairman; Liz Mackiewicz, Brian O’Shea, VPs, intl. sales; Bryan Hambleton, consultant, sales; Peta Brown, coordinator, intl. sales.


“Proximity,” when a prison inmate realizes he is about to be murdered, he escapes and goes on the run with a man who will go to any length to see him dead.
“Devilstone,” while researching an ancient artifact a coed unwittingly awakes the evil Djinn from the Devilstone and now watches as her friends are killed one by one.
“Ed Gein,” a shy eccentric farmer can no longer resist his fierce desire to experience a real live kill or two; 90 min.
“Here’s To Life!,” a man has let the finer things in life pass him by until a group of friends force him to explore life and love far beyond his wildest dreams; 90 min.

Park Entertainment

Mortlake Court
28 Sheen Lane
London SW14 8LW, U.K
(44-20) 8876-0207
Fax: (44-20) 8876-4686
Stand: 17.13; phone 92-99-81-23
Attending: Jim Howell, CEO; Patricia Kershaw, sales director; Denise Vickers, sales exec.


“Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World – Season 2,” second season of adventures based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic story; 22 x 60 min.
“Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,” a young American surgeon is killed on his honeymoon in Hong Kong but is resurrected by a talented Chinese medicine man who informs his that he is fated to become the legendary White Tiger; 96 min.
“Fearless,” a stunt man leaves Hollywood for New Zealand where he hooks up with the cream of the country’s extreme sports enthusiasts; 93 min.

Paramount Intl. TV

5555 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 956-5000
Fax: (323) 862-3938
Stand: R30.01
Attending: Kerry McCluggage, chairman, TV group; Gary Marenzi, president, intl. TV; Joseph Lucas, exec VP, sales & marketing, intl. TV; Susan Akens, senior VP, business affairs, intl. TV; James Dowaliby, VP, production, intl. TV; Isis Moussa, VP marketing, intl. TV.


“Level 9,” a top-secret government strike force specially selected, trained and equipped for a new millennium of crimefighting; 13 x 60 min.
“Titans,” a series that reveals a riveting world of corporate intrigue, sibling rivalry, romantic jealousy and dangerous deception; 13 x 60 min.
“Largo Winch,” based on the exploits of the famous French comic strip hero, Largo Winch; 26 x 60 min.
“Girlfriends,” a smart, sexy comedy follows four funny, spiritied African-American women as they rally around one another through good times and bad; 13 x 30 min.

Passport Intl.

10520 Magnolia Blvd.
N.Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 760-1500
Fax: (818) 760-1532
Email: ebotta@channelhollywood.net
Stand: 23.12; phone 7177-3969
Attending: Dante Pugliese, president; Ettore Botta, VP; Isabelle Alphen, sales assistant.


“Clint Eastwood: Star Power,” the most complete television tribute about a wonderful movie actor and a great director; 60 min.
“The Greatest Hollywood Couples,” a romantic television series about the greatest couples Hollywood has ever had; 60 x 60 min.
“Elvis Presley: The Final Chapter,” the events in the final years of the King’s life that led to his death; 60 min.
“Hollywood Rivals,” about the hate and the competition inflaming the most famous Hollywood actors on the stage and in their private lives; 15 x 60 min.

Pathe Intl.

10 rue Lincoln
75008 Paris, France
(33-1) 40-76-69-69
Fax: (33-1) 40-76-91-94
Stand: 08.03; phone 92-99-81-13
Attending: Christine Hayet, Pascal Diot, directors of sales; Pascal Diot, Antoine Cochet, documentary & fiction sales; Mayalan de Croisoeuil, sales assistant.


“Chronicles of Luxury Hotels,” famous luxury hotels are explored in depth, revealing fascinating aspects of their history; 6 x 52 min.
“Dancing North,” a stressed Italian rock star finds himself in a remote village in Northern Canada where he discovers a calmer way of life amongst the Inuit people; 95 min.
“Les Destinees Sentimentales,” the story of Jean Barnery is the gripping and romantic tale of a protestant pastor caught between his devotion to a wife hellbent on scandal and his love for Pauline; 180 min.
“L’Extra-Terrestre,” futuristic adventure comedy featuring robots in exile on earth; 93 min.


1320 Braddock Place
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 739-5000
Fax: (703) 739-0775
Stand: 14.30; phone 9299-8076
Attending: Pat Mitchell, president-CEO; Alan Foster, VP fundraising & syndicated programming; Sharon Drayton, director, programming administration & communications.

Peace Arch Entertainment

1132 Hamilton St., 3rd floor
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 2S2
(604) 681-9308
Fax: (604) 681-3299
Attending: Tim Gamble, president


“Big Sound,” set in the big-money, big-stakes world of pop music, Bill Sutton endures the eclectric personalities only the pop music, and the fast lane it occupies, could nuture; 22 x 30 min.
“The Immortal,” follows Raphael Cain’s eternal quest to conquer the forces of darkness bent on destroying humanity; 22 x 60 min.
“First Wave,” this science-fiction series follows a secret alien invasion of Earth; 66 x 60 min.
“Dead Man’s Gun,” set in the wild west of the 1870’s, this unique anthology series follows the bloodstained trail of a mysterious dead man’s gun as it passes from one owner to another; 44 x 60 min.

Peakviewing Transatlantic

The Wheelhouse
Bonds Mill
Gloucester GL10 3RF, U.K
(44-1453) 826300
Fax: (44-1452) 826303
Stand: 02.10; phone 92-99-81-08
Attending: Elizabeth Matthews, CEO; Janet Blandford, head of sales; Judith Anderson, Linda Monterrubio, sales coordinators.


“The Meeksville Ghost,” 90 min.
“Dazzle,” 90 min.
“The Interactive Series,” 26 x 11 min.
“The Little Unicorn,” 90 min.

Pearson TV Intl.

1 Stephen St.
London W1T 1AL, U.K.
(44-207) 691-6000
Fax: (44-207) 691-6060
Stand: H4.27; phone 9299-8781; fax 9299-8783
Attending: Brian Harris, president-CEO, Pearson TV North America & chief exec; Joe Abrams, president; Ann Hazell, controller, U.K. sales; Aideen Leonard, sales group head; Kathleen Donnan, sales group head; Matthew Loze, president, production, drama, & longform Pearson TV North America.


“History of Football: The Beautiful Game,” exploring every aspect of the world’s most popular game and available to broadcasters in the run-up to the 2002 World Cup; 13 x 60 min.
“Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: A Life,” 2 x 120 min.
“100 Centre Street,” follows the lives of the judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the criminally accused who find themselves caught up on the never-routine chaos of a hectic urban night court; series x 60 min.
“The Mayor of Casterbridge,” a tale of a man who sells his wife at market and meets her again 18 years later with unexpected consequences; 2 x 120 min.

Pearson TV Worldwide

1 Stephen St.
London W1T 1AL, U.K.
(44-207) 691-6000
Fax: (44-207) 691-6060
In Cannes: Pearson Boat, Jetee Albert Edouard
Attending: Tony Cohen, CEO; Mike Murphy, CEO, Asia & CEO European Drama; David Lyle, head of LE, development, acquisitions & resources; Doug Gluck, regional CEO; Alan Boyd, CEO U.K. production; Martha Brass, commercial & finance director.


“$20 Challenge,” the show follows four intrepid, young backpackers, who have to survive for three days in foreign cities with only $20 in their pocket.
“Hey Stupid,” a gameshow where contestants try to predict just how stupid people can be by betting on the answers given to questions asked to people on the street.
“Smarttest,” a gameshow that your can connect onto the net and gain points for questions that will go to air that night.
“Greed,” a general knowledge gameshow asking the question, how many risks would you take to become a millionaire?


Rauchstrasse 9-11
81679 Munich, Germany
(49-89) 982470830
Fax: (49-89) 982470811
Stand: 11.10-13.09; phone 92-99-83-21
Attending: Michael Knobloch, managing director; Stefan Knobloch, intl. sales; Helga Knobloch, marketing; Caroline Kusser, Hans Spielthenner, intl. sales; Patrick Keller, director of Asia office & intl. sales.


“Atmozone,” animated series featuring the official Mascots of the 2002 FIFA World Cup; 26 x 26 min.
“Ocean Men,” documentary on the current world champions in the discipline of Free Diving; 90 min.
“Tails You Win, Heads You Lose,” when her brother tries to rape her best friend, Maya shots and kills him and for the two women, this death opens a new chapter in their relationship; 83 min.
“Flub,” preschool animated series about an amusing little fish who once lived in the sea but accidentally gets washed ashore; 26 x 5 min.

Pilot Film & TV Productions

The Old Studio
18 Middle Row
London W10 5AT, U.K
(44-20) 8960-2771
Fax: (44-20) 8960-2721
Stand: H4.35; phone 92-99-85-96
Attending: Ian Cross, managing director; Maud Nahmias, sales & marketing coordinator.


“Planet Food,” series of culinary voyages in countries selected for the richness and diversity of their food offerings; 13 x 50 min.
“Ian Wright’s Amazing Adventures,” series about adventurous and eccentric individuals who have big dreams of travel; 2 x 50 min.
“Great Historic Sites,” our presenters will visit great historic sites around the globe in chronological order, starting with the oldest and ending with the most modern sites; 50 min.
“Best Beaches,” program looking at the most happening beach scenes and hottest chill-out spots in every region of the world; 50 min.

Pixcom Productions

1720 du Canal St.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3K 3E6
(514) 931-1188
Fax: (514) 931-4563
Email: pcorbo@pixcom.com
Stand: C1.05; phone 9299-8346
Attending: Jacquelin Bouchard, CEO; Daniel Beauchesne, president; Andre Barro, VP intl. affairs; Nicola Merola, head intl. affairs; Guillaume Aniorte, director marketing sales.


“Technopolis,” explores the science and technology in the trappings and activities which define life in the largest urban centers around the globe; 10 x 60 min.
“Mary, Mother of all Apparitions,” follows several devoted pilgrims through Europe and Latin America while exploring how modern apparitions reflect a hunger in our materialistic society for the supernatural and the sacred; 60 min.
“Insectia,” goes around the world to show audiences the astonishing similarities between human and insect behavior; 26 x 30 min.
“Hunks of Horror,” each episode will trace the history and evolution of a different legendary monster that has left his mark on the horror cinema genre;13 x 60 min.

Planet Pictures

4764 Park Granada, Suite 208
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 222-9000
Fax: (818) 222-4370
Email: planetpix@earthlink.net
Web site: www.planetpictures.com
Stand: 20.14
Attending: Jim Hayden, president; Jennifer Hayden, managing director.


“Tech Now,” operating out of the epicenter of Sillicon Valley, this fast-paced and fun weekly magazine format features all the latest and all the best in technology; 52 x 30 min.
“Legend of the Fox,” this docu. looks at the eco-sabotage campaign staged by the legendary environmental activist, known as The Fox who attached companies during the 1970s and successfully changed the polluting habits of those companies; 60 min.
“Images: Tragedy Revisited,” a riveting documentary examining the posttraumatic stress disorder experienced by emergency rescue crews at the scene of the U.S. Air Flight crash in the small town of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania in 1994; 60 min.
“Clip Library,” short light-documentary stories and inserts covering topics ranging from the weird and the wacky to the cute and the cuddly to the totally amazing; 500 x 30 sec. to 8 min.

Playboy TV Intl.

404 Washington Avenue
Suite 6000
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
(305) 894-2500
Fax: (305) 894-2507
In Cannes: Majestic Hotel
Attending: William Fisher, playboy TV Intl.; Suzanne Jewell, VP of marketing & communications; Andrea McBurnett, VP of programming & sales; Douglas Lindquist, exec. VP Networks; Isabelle Mitsch, director of sales & intl. development.


“Fast Lane to Malibu,” interactive movie; 90 min.
“Story of X,” a look at the history of adult entertainment; 90 min.
“Sex Court,” Playboy’s answer to People’s Court; 39 x 30 min.
“Sexcetera,” provocative look at human sexuality as street-wise reporters explore the real world of sex; 12 x 60 min.

PM Entertainment

9545 Wentworth St.
Sunland, CA 91040
(818) 504-6332
Fax: (818) 504-6380
Stand: 16.11; phone 9299-8183
Attending: George Shamieh, president; Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, exec VP, foreign sales.


“Layover,” a steamy airport affair becomes a 24 hour Hitchcockian nightmare as the woman he made love to turns out to be the wife of a dangerous jewelry dealer he previously befriended on an earlier flight.
“Tunnel,” an ex-SAS agent and a thief find themselves battling for freedom and their life as air runs out in a maze of abandoned mine tunnels while searching for the missing diamonds.
“Firetrap,” when a daring hi-tech robbery of a classified computer chip goes wrong the thief must elude police, security, secret agents and a deadly fire that has them all caught in a highrise.
“Titanic: The Cartoon,” 90 min.

Pony Canyon

2-5-10 Toranomon, Minatoku
Tokyo, 105-8487 Japan
(813) 5521-8024
Fax: (813) 5521-8122
Email: koji38@ponycanyon.co.jp
Attending: Kojl Miyajirnaivi, producer intl. distribution & licensing; Shinji Sakoda, intl. distribution & licensing, vice general manager; Shlho Koda.


“Yuki Terai,” animation
“Virtual Star,” animation
“Risky Safety,” animation
“Iron Angel Kurumi,” animation

Porchlight Entertainment

11777 Mississippi Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 477-8400
Fax: (310) 477-5555
Stand: 02.25
Attending: Bruce D. Johnson, president-CEO; William T. Baumann, exec VP-CFO; Michael Jacobs, senior VP, worldwide sales; Stephanie Slack, director, worldwide sales; Joe Broido, senior VP for filmed entertainment.


“Lightning: Fire From the Sky,” a man warns his family that a disastrous lightening storm will bring death and destruction but his family will not take him seriously; 90 min.
“The Brainiacs.com,” a son misses his father and devises a way to spend more time with him by starting a company and buying a controlling interest in his father’s business; 90 min.
“Durango Kids,” story of four kids as they journey back in time in search of lost gold; 90 min.
“Winding Roads,” a story of three women encountering the toughest time of their lives; 90 min.

Portfolio Entertainment

124 Merton Street
Suite 202
Ontario M4S 2Z2, Canada
(416) 483-9773
Fax: (416) 483-6537
Stand: 00.01; phone 92-99-84-06
Attending: Joy Rosen; Lisa Olfman, presidents; Marina Cordoni, VP of distribution.


“The Living Century,” series chronicling the lives of men and women over 100-years-old; 13 x 60 min.
“Pet Project – Season 3,” series on pets for pet crazy people; 20 x 30 min.
“Dry Bones: Christianity in Transition,” two-part documentary seeking to amplify the psychological significance of Christianity, as well as to broaden the perception of the sacred in our lives; 54 min. & 56 min.
“Holy Land, Holy People,” documentary series that examines Judaism, Christianity and Islam; 6 x 30 min.

Portman TV

Hampton House
20 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TJ, U.K
(44-20) 7820-4410
Fax: (44-20) 7582-9800
Stand: 02.02; phone 92-99-80-78
Attending: Bill Allan, chairman; Tim Buxton, managing director; Rick Barker, James Belsham, sales execs.


“The Clandestine Marriage,” sexy comedy set in Hogarth’s England of 1776, centered around the intended merging of two very different families through marriage; 94 min.
“The Trench,” the story of young men at war, set in the 48 hours leading up to the catastrophic Battle of the Somme in 1916; 96 min.
“Scarfies,” university life has just begun for five Kiwi students and they soon discover a deserted mansion, free rent, free electricity, freedom! 94 min.
“Dark Knight,” Ivanhoe for the 21st century, battling not only tyranny and oppression, but a Pandora’s Box of strange, terrifying and magical creatures; 13 x 60 min.

Powersports . Powerdocs

18226 Ventura Blvd., Suite 102
Tarzana, CA 91356
(818) 708-9995
Fax: (818) 708-0598
Email: INTL@psmill.com
Stand: 8.28/10.27; phone 9299-8089
Attending: William McAbian, president; Tal McAbian, exec VP; Line Mykland, intl. sales; Eve Joffee, acquisitions & co-productions; Johanna Samuel, acquisitions & co-productions; Adi McAbian, head of production.


“Bugvaders,” Titanic predatory insects are colonizing the galaxy and their next target is Earth; 13 x 26 min.
“Wild California,” a spectacular trilogy covering the places, people and nature of California; 3 x 52 min or 6 x 26 min.
“In Search of the Mole People,” an investigative search of a chilling urban phenomenon, the existence of outcast underground dwellers living below the busy streets of New York; 52 min.
“The Pleasure Trade & Ladies of the Night,” a provocative, uncensored and explicit look into the world of prostitution; 3 x 52 min.


35 rue Marbeuf
75008 Paris, France
(33-1) 43-59-44-74
Fax: (33-1) 42-25-84-23
Stand: R31.29; phone 92-99-88-64
Attending: Albert Barille, chairman & managing director; Michele Fourniols, managing director; Isabelle Benkemoun, sales & servicing dept.


“Wild Instinct,” the original and caustic adventures of a peculiar zoo where the animals live a double life; 52 x 13 min.
“Once Upon a Time …,” entertaining learning series for children; 156 x 26 min.
“It’s a Pet’s World,” entertaining and informative series to dispel widespread misconceptions about our funny and feathered friends; 52 x 5 min.
“The Missing “R”,” a wicked wizard has made the letter “R” disappear from the enchanted world of Fantasia and Vincent and his two friends decide to try and bring it back; 13 x 13 min.

Promark Entertainment Group

3599 Cahuenga Blvd. W., 3rd floor
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 878-0404
Fax: (323) 878-0486
Email: sales@promarkgroup.com
Stand: 03.21; phone 9299-8146
Attending: Conny Lernhag, chairman; Jon Kramer, president; Eric Bernstein, director, intl. sales & operations; Annouchka Lesoeur, director, intl. sales; Jim Marrinan, consultant.


“Miami Sands,” a young girl returns to Miami to finish her medical degree, meets two brothers and marries the wrong one; 110 x 60 min.
“Expose 2001,” reality-based television specials; 15 x 60 min.
“Styx,” a bank robber turned legitimate is coerced into participating in a heist when his brother finds himself in trouble with a ruthless loan shark.
“The Enemy,” a long kept secret is in danger of getting into the wrong hands when a geneticist is kidnapped by terrorists.

Pure TV

4215 Iberville
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2H 2L5
(514) 521-1185
Fax: (514) 521-5894
Email: info@puretv.net
Stand: C1.05; phone 7262-6637
Attending: Isabelle Robert, acquisitions-producer; Benoit Dupras, business & legal affairs; Roch Fortin, intl. affairs.


“There Was This Guy,” celebrity driven story-telling format; 30 min.
“Surprise Surprise,” celebrity driven and highly spectacular hidden camera show. Primetime entertainment, also available as format; 178 x 10 min.
“Revenge of the Stars,”. well known celebrities play jokes on people from the general public; 50 x 10 min.

Rai Trade

Via Novaro, 18
00195 Roma, Italy
(39-06) 374-981
Fax: (39-06) 370-1343
Stand: R04.25
Attending: Andrea Portante, sales & marketing director; Sesto Cifola, sales director; Vincenzo Mosca, head of music & non fiction; Massimo Migani, head of sport.


“Monster Mash,” comic book monsters of the past and present are united at Halloween in this animated feature; 60 min.
“The Adventures of Marco & Gina,” we are invited to join the winged inhabitants as they go abouttheir business in this magical community; 26 x 26 min.
“Turbo TV Movies,” detective movies; 8 x 90 min.
“Detective Montalbano,” 4 x 104 min.

Red Apple Entertainment

1 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 503
Toronto, Ontario Canada M4V 1K7
(416) 324-8537
Fax: (416) 324-0942
Email: redapple@redappleentertainment.com
Stand: 17.09
Attending: David Brady, managing partner; Milt Avruskin, exec VP; Rachel Low, producer.


“Counter Force,” inside the world’s elite anti terrorist units. The training, the missions, the ongoing battle; 3 x 60 min.
“Singles Court,” is a show for singles and about singles …their conflicts … their dilemmas. Cases are presented to provocative, singles expert Angela Segal, who provides insightful, frank and sometimes extreme advice; 65 x 30 min.

Reel Media

4516 Lovers Lane, Suite 178
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 521-3301
Fax: (214) 522-3448
Email: reelmedia@aol.com
Stand: 23.14; phone 9299-8254
Attending: Tom T. Moore, president; Sharold Prather, sales; Dominique Mougenot, sales.


“Horse Tales,” series explores not only man’s friendship, but his partnership with horses all over the world. Learn about the different breeds of horses, their history and purpose; 104 x 30 min.
“Discovery of Art,” look at some of the greatest works of art and the artists who created them. Includes: Picasso, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Toulouse-Lautrec, many more; 26 x 50 min.
“Samurai Nation,” programs about Japanese combat aircraft of the Second World War set against the fascinating historical, political and cultural background of 20th Century Japan; 2 x 52 min. or 104 min.
“Reel Bloopers,” classic movie, TV and sports bloopers with stars; 5 hrs.


1545 26th St. 2nd floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 453-3808
Fax: (310) 453-3809
Email: client@reelplay.com
Stand: 21.08-23.07; phone 9299-8094
Attending: Stephen Liu, Dennis Young, co-presidents & founders; David Blake, co-founder & CEO; Chris Perry-Melish, senior VP, buyer distributor relations; Jim Marrinan, chief TV ambassador.

Regent Entertainment

1401 Ocean Ave., Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 260-3333
Fax: (310) 260-3343
Email: mrharris@regententertainment.com
Stand: 7.35; phone 9299-8156
Attending: Mark Harris, partner; Gene George, president, Regent Intl.; Meggan Kimberley, senior VP, Regent Intl.


“The Ghost,” China’s most feared female fighting soldier, must pose as an Internet bride in Los Angeles when her cover is blown during a difficult assignment; 90 min.
“I’ll Remember April,” a group of young boys capture a stranded, Japanese sailor in California and must face difficult issues of loyalty, friendship and courage; 90 min.
“Sanctimony,” this highly stylized, suspense thriller follows the descent of Tom Turner from brilliant stock trader to sadistic serial killer; 90 min.
“Harlan County War,” based on the true events of a Kentucky coal miners’ strike, a determined miner’s wife’s inspiring courage mobilizes a picket line and affects a bittersweet victory for the workers; 100 min.


4201 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 555
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(323) 954-8555
Fax: (323) 954-8592
Stand: 10.02; phone 9299-8181
Attending: John Laing, president; Kristie Smith, intl. sales.


“Robocop TV Movies,” 4 x 120 min.
“Universal Soldier TV Movies,” Vietnam casualties brought back to life for a top-secret experiment; 2 x 93 min.
“Pacific Blue,” these police officers keep Santa Monica free of crime mounted on their high-tech police bicycles; 101 x 60 min.
“Catwalk,” the life of six young adults struggling to reach their dreams; 48 x 60 min.

Roissy Films

58 rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris, France
(33-1) 53-53-50-50
Fax: (33-1) 42-89-26-93
Stand: 02.18; phone 92-99-80-30
Attending: Raphael Berdugo, chairman & CEO; Marie- Anne Pujol, TV sales manager; Fanny Burdino, TV sales assistant.


“Napoleon,” epic miniseries retracing the life of Napoleon Bonaparte from the first deeds of the young general to the death of the emperor on St Helena; 4 x 104 min.
“Captain’s Daughter,” epic story of adventure and romance based upon Alexander Pushkin’s novel; 115 min.
“Kennedy et Moi,” Simon decides he will somehow get through his mid-life crisis in his own humorous way – no matter how crazy that might seem to those around him; 90 min.
“Journey to Oz,” the animated adventures of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man; 26 x 26 min.


Aachner Str. 1036
D-50858 Cologne, Germany
(49-221) 4561970
Fax: (49-221) 4561995
Stand: D3.01; phone 92-99-87-80
Attending: Matthias Moritz, head of intl. sales; Dr. Marion Winter, Peter Hille, sales execs; Carmen Rodemeyer, sales assistant.


“The Plague,” a killer epidemic breaks out in Cologne leaving two scientists a race against time to produce a lifesaving antidote; 2 x 90 min.
“Lenya,” a young warrior woman seeks revenge on those who brutally attacked her village; 90 min.
“The Cop and the Gang,” a suspended cop working with delinquent kids in Portugal attempts to foil a murder plot; 90 min.
“Dead Swingers,” two female clients get murdered in an upmarket partnership agency for exotic tastes; 90 min.

RTV Family Entertainment

Mohlstrasse 18
81675 Munich, Germany
(49-89) 99-72-71-0
Fax: (49-89) 99-72-71-90
Attending: John Travers, director of distribution; Andrea Gockel; director of TV and Media; Deborah Leite, sales operation manager; Dominik Palicki, sales representative; Monika Sparn, assistant head of sales.


“Wicked,” story of a man and a woman who are getting remarried, much to the horror of their two reluctant step siblings; 26 x 24 min.
“Gloria’s House,” sitcom featuring the lives of two very different families; 26 x 24 min.
“Marvellous Milly,” as fast as Milly’s father invents things, Milly and her black Cat reinvent them for the purpose of a six-year-old’s world; 13 x 5 min.
“Itsy Bitsy Spider,” series featuring a brave, clever and comical spider and his arch enemy; 26 x 23 min.

RWI Enterprises

14639 Tustin St.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 501-3878
Fax: (818) 783-4941
Email: intlsales@rwient.com
Stand: R32.31; phone 9299-8842
Attending: Russell Watkins, president; Maura Schwartz, VP.


“Leary,” the series follows the adventures of Mike McNeil a hard-living, plain clothes New York detective, as he battles the bad guys and his own personal demons; 13 x 30 min.
“Incredible Child Rescues,” the most perilous and daring child rescues ever captured on tape; 52 min.
“I Survived,” compelling, unbelieveable stories of individuals who’ve survived the challenge of the most dangerous situations and have come out alive; 3 x 52 min.
“Flight of the Reindeer,” finally, after years of being scoffed, Jerry McNeal has secured documented proof that reindeer can fly-that is, if he ever makes it home from the North Pole; 94 min.

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