TNN adds ‘Martial’ arts to its ringside attraction

Hung, Hall skein slotted to lead into WWF 'Raw'

NEW YORK — TNN has bought rerun rights to the 44 episodes of “Martial Law,” starring Sammo Hung and Arsenio Hall, which CBS canceled after a two-year run.

TNN plans to double-run “Martial Law” hours at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, starting Sept. 11, scheduling an extra run Monday at 8 as the lead-in to the two-hour World Wrestling Federation’s “Raw Is War” series at 9.

The WWF Monday series, which ends its run on USA next month, is consistently the highest-rated regularly scheduled year-round series on all of basic cable. TNN is counting on the two-hour slamfest, which kicks off on the network Sept. 25, to pump Nielsen adrenaline into its generally anemic primetime ratings.

TNN is a sister company of CBS, which produced “Martial Law” with Twentieth TV. Viacom/CBS also owns King World, which sold the series to TNN.